What is copper LME today?

What is copper LME today?

LME Copper Official Prices

Contract Bid Offer
3-month 9450.00 9455.00
Dec-23 9430.00 9440.00
Dec-24 9405.00 9415.00
Dec-25 9385.00 9395.00

Where can I get LME data?

Available on a real-time, delayed or historical basis, users can access LME data directly and indirectly via a number of channels. These include LMEsource and LMEselectMD (our data distribution platforms), a global network of over 50 licensed data distributors, (including LMElive), LME.com and a day-delayed feed.

What is LME aluminum price today?

LME Aluminium Official Prices

Contract Bid Offer
3-month 2744.50 2745.00
Dec-23 2708.00 2713.00
Dec-24 2668.00 2673.00
Dec-25 2628.00 2633.00

Why is LME copper increasing?

The copper price growth over the course of the past year was driven primarily by the high demand from China, the top copper consumer, as well as growing optimism about the overall economic recovery in view of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts.

Will copper prices increase?

Copper futures rise on robust demand On the Multi Commodity Exchange, copper contracts for delivery in September traded higher by Rs 4.25, or 0.59 per cent, to Rs 723.25 per kg in a business turnover of 4,190 lots.

At what time LME opens?

Ring trading at the LME occurs between 11:40 am and 5:00 pm, however, inter-office telephone trading is available 24 hours a day.

Is the LME open tomorrow?

The London Metal Exchange is open for trading Monday-Friday. Stock Exchanges in America, Europe, and Asia follow the typical Monday to Friday schedule.

How do you find historical LME data?

How do I purchase historical data? Register on the LME Portal if you would like to purchase historical data, and then navigate to Data Services to complete your data order.

What is the LME price of gold?

LME Gold Closing Prices

Contract Price
Spot 1841.40
Month 1 1841.50
Month 2 1842.70
Month 3 1844.30

Will aluminum prices go up in 2021?

According to the World Bank, the aluminum price will increase to $2,000 per metric ton (t) in 2021, a 17% rise from an average of $1,703/t in 2020, and experience moderate growth to $2,050/t in 2022. By 2035, the World Bank predicts aluminum prices will reach $2,400/t.

Will aluminium prices rise?

Aluminium prices have already had an upward bias in the current year as the international market was facing around one million tonne supply shortage, mainly due to production cut by China. The price of the metal increased by over 8% month-on-month in February to around $3,230/tonne.