What is MaxMobile StarHub?

What is MaxMobile StarHub?

Elevate the way you work with Biz+ MaxMobile, Singapore’s first 5G hotspot data plans for ultra-fast 5G Wi-Fi on the go. Our affordable data-only mobile plans allow you to enjoy faster speed and reliable connectivity for more productive and efficient work anywhere.

How can I extend my StarHub prepaid validity?

All StarHub Prepaid subscribers can now extend the Main wallet validity of their active voice SIM with a nominal fee by dialing *123*200#. Simply follow on-screen instructions to choose your desired number of days of extension.

How do I activate StarHub prepaid data?

Just dial *123# to manage your account, purchase plans, activate services and more. It’s that simple! Check your StarHub prepaid card credit balance and expiry….Manage Your Happy Account.

Prepaid Data Plans Data Plan Selection *123*3*1*1#
Happy 016 Plan Activation *123*3*2*2#

Is StarHub WIFI 5G?

Can I continue to enjoy 4G as StarHub rolls out its 5G service? Yes you can! 4G network is still available for our customers. To experience the benefits of our 5G service, including faster speeds, real-time responses and enhanced connectivity, we encourage you to sign up to our Biz+ mobile plans and get a 5G device*.

What is voice add on StarHub?

Add more local outgoing minutes to your bundled talktime every month. See the telephone number of the person who is calling you before you pick up the phone. Avoid unintentionally giving your phone number away to strangers. Never miss another call again.

What is StarHub hotline number?

(+65 6820 1633)
Call our Hotline *Roaming calls made to the Customer Service Hotline (+65 6820 1633) from a StarHub postpaid mobile line will be capped at $2 per call regardless of the overseas destination customer is in.

How do I call StarHub?

Call our Hotline

  1. General Service Hotline Available 24 hours. Call 1633.
  2. Prepaid Mobile Enquiries Available 24 hours. Call 9850 0000 toll free.
  3. Billing Enquiries Mondays – Sundays, 8am – 9pm. Call 1637.
  4. Sales Hotline Mondays – Sundays, 10am – 8pm. Call 1630.
  5. StarHub Public Hotline. Call +65 6873 2828.

How do I cancel my StarHub add on?

You can deactive the Unlimited Chat, Social and Video add-ons via My Account or the My StarHub app anytime. No termination charges.

How do I renew my prepaid card?

If your prepaid card expires while you still have money on it, you may be able to request a replacement card to access the funds. You may also try to close out your account by requesting that your balance be mailed to you in the form of a check. The provider might charge you a fee for this.

How do I reactivate my prepaid phone?

Go to the “Activation” menu and click “Activate”. Your line will be activated in approximately 2 hours. If you do not activate your line yourself, we will activate it within 48H after successful delivery.

How do I cancel my StarHub prepaid card?

You can easily do so via My StarHub App. Step 1: Log in with your Hub iD on My StarHub App and tap on “View”. Step 2: Select a terminated billing account with credit balance. Step 3: Select or confirm your refund method and details.

How do I check my StarHub prepaid balance?

Just dial *123# to manage your account, purchase plans, activate services and more. It’s that simple! Check your StarHub prepaid card credit balance and expiry.

What is the StarHub hotline?

Users can use the StarHub hotline for general service, billing inquiries, service inquiries, etc. In addition to these numbers, StarHub has also facilitated its customers with a quick automatic SMS system.

How do I top up my StarHub prepaid mobile data?

You can top up at your own convenience via online or other top-up channels. Available only for Prepaid SIM and Travel SIM customers. If you’d like the flexibility to add other data plans and Value-Added Services, pick any top-up that gives you Main Wallet credit. StarHub Prepaid App and online top-up special: Get FREE 500MB* local 4G data.

How do I check the status of my StarHub Bill?

SMS Enquiries. Checking your bill. SMS your , bill, and send to 2455 (e.g. S1234567A, bill, 1.12345678) Checking your prepaid balance. Dial *123# (An SMS with your prepaid balance will be sent to you within 3 minutes)