Who killed Gennie in Emmerdale?

Who killed Gennie in Emmerdale?

Cameron Murray
My decision to leave has nothing to do with Emmerdale – it’s such a special place and I will always cherish it – but I feel it’s the right time for me to say goodbye and find new challenges.” On 25 July 2013, Gennie was killed off when Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) suffocated her following a car accident.

Who is Brenda’s adopted daughter in Emmerdale?

Genesis “Gennie” Walker (née Pascoe) was the biological daughter of Shadrach Dingle and Shirley Pascoe who was adopted by Brenda Walker at a young age. Gennie was married to Nikhil Sharma until her death at the hands of Cameron Murray in July 2013. Nikhil and Gennie had a daughter, Molly Sharma.

Who killed Alex in Emmerdale?

In December 2012, he was murdered by Cameron Murray.

What happened to Cameron Murray in Emmerdale?

Cameron Murray Evil Cameron (Dominic Power) bludgeoned Carl King with a brick, killed Alex Moss and then suffocated Gennie Sharma after she survived a car crash. His downfall came during a siege in The Woolpack when he failed to bump off Debbie, Chas and Marlon and electrocuted himself on a lightbulb instead.

Who owns the cafe in Emmerdale?

But fans of the soap know that the local cafe owner Brenda Walker is facing financial woes after poisoning Dan Spencer and leaving him paralysed. Dan – who has a nut allergy – suffered an anaphylactic shock after scoffing one of Brenda’s wraps which contained almond milk.

How old is Belle in Emmerdale?

Jermaine is called to check up on Lisa after an angina attack and finds out Belle is only 17.

Who is Lucas dad in Emmerdale?

Lucas’s father Alex (Liam Boyle) is not the most co operative of people and he hates Billy, especially after Billy battered him before the wedding when he thought that he was the one stalking Dawn.

What happened to Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale?

Charley Webb has confirmed she has left her role as Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale. Debbie returned to the show in 2020 as part of Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) mystery love interest storyline. Revealed to be Al’s partner, Debbie discovered he was also engaged to Priya (Fiona Wade).

Why is Paige Sandhu leaving Emmerdale?

Although writers would have loved to have seen Meena carry on her reign of terror for longer, unfortunately, they knew the character had caused too much damage. Knowing there was an endgame in sight for the villain, producers knew this would mean Paige would have to leave as they brought her contract to an end.