Can you have red wine with sushi?

Can you have red wine with sushi?

While not every pairing was perfect, the point was made – sushi can match many varieties of wine. A few general tips: Red wines with tannins are to be avoided – hence the focus on Spanish reds and Pinot Noir. Focus on texture, as well as flavor – soft, buttery wines match well with high-fat fish.

What drink goes good with sushi?

Best drink with sushi

  • Sake. Contrary to popular belief, sake, even though it is one of the best drinks to accompany sushi, is actually not traditionally served in Japan.
  • Beer. Besides sake, beer is a common drink to accompany sushi.
  • Wine.
  • German Riesling.
  • Champagne.
  • Cocktails.
  • Alcohol-free.

What kind of alcohol goes with sushi?

With this guide, you can become an expert at beer and wine pairings that will bring out the very best of your sushi dishes.

  • Sake.
  • Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Grigio.
  • Champagne.
  • Pinot Noir.
  • Asahi Super Dry Lager.
  • Sapporo Lager.
  • Yoho Wednesday Cat Belgian White Nagano.
  • Cocktails.

What wine goes best with Japanese food?

For those dishes with a hint of characteristic Japanese sweetness and heat, wines with a bit of residual sugar, like Riesling and Chardonnay, should make good matches, provided their fruit is well-balanced by minerality and acidity; in the case of Chardonnay, avoid those made in a heavily-oaked style.

Does Cabernet Sauvignon go with sushi?

The first step to pairing red wine with sushi is to know your red wine options. Avoid Full-Bodied Red Wines. Start by avoiding rich, full-bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Syrah. These wine varieties will usually overpower sushi.

Does Sauvignon Blanc go with sushi?

Sauvignon Blanc perfectly accompanies the fresh flavors of sushi and heightens the experience of each new bite. It helps that fine bottles of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc can be found for under $10. Coupled with negihama (yellowtail and scallion maki), that’s the cost of dining happiness.

Is red or white wine better with sushi?

The reason the ‘rule’ (which is more of a guideline) states that fish only pairs well with white wine is because fish has a lighter taste. Typically, foods that are lighter do better with white wine, since white wines are more delicate and less robust than reds.

Does champagne go well with sushi?

Champagne goes well with everything from strawberries to caviar, but it might surprise you that it also goes well with sushi. The bubbles can help enhance the flavor of the sushi as well as assist in cleansing the palate after each bite.

Does Chardonnay go with sushi?

For sushi, sashimi or other makis based on white fish, you can choose a lively Chardonnay with woody notes. For more fatty fish such as salmon, you may prefer a dry white like a M√Ęcon or a Chablis. A plate with a variety of fishes will find a good harmony with a floral white wine like a sauvignon, or a Riesling.