What time does Ogden Theater close?

What time does Ogden Theater close?

The Ogden Theatre Box Office opens 1 hour prior to doors on show days and is open on Saturdays from 10am – 4pm. Tickets for the Ogden Theatre may also be purchased at the Mission Ballroom Monday – Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Where do you park for the Ogden Theater in Denver?

The Preferred Parking Lot is located behind the Theatre and is secured by our staff from one hour prior to the listed door time until 30 minutes after the show ends.

Does Ogden Theatre have seats?

1,600Ogden Theatre / Capacity

Who owns the Ogden Theatre?

AEG Presents
The Ogden Theatre is operated by AEG Presents. AEG Presents, the live-entertainment division of Los Angeles-based AEG, is dedicated to all aspects of live contemporary music performance, touring for a variety of programming, and multi-media production.

Does the Ogden Theater have seats?

How many people can the mission ballroom hold?

3,950The Mission Ballroom / Capacity
Operated by AEG Presents (www.aegpresents.com), the Mission Ballroom, Denver’s newest music venue will attract the biggest names in the industry with a 3,950 capacity, state-of-the-art venue.

How many people does the Bluebird Theatre hold?

550Bluebird Theater / Capacity

How big is the Ogden Theatre?

The Ogden Theatre is a premier concert venue in Denver featuring approximately 150 concerts per year. Located in the Capitol Hill area of downtown Denver. Built in 1917 and has a maximum capacity of 1,600 for concerts. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

How many people does the Ogden hold?

Is mission ballroom owned by AEG?

The Mission Ballroom is operated by AEG Presents. AEG Presents is one of the world’s largest live music companies. The company is dedicated to all aspects of live contemporary music performances, including producing and promoting global concert tours, regional music events and world-renowned festivals.

Is mission ballroom indoors or outdoors?

While most gigs take place indoors, AEG also offers plenty of outdoor spots for food trucks and pre- and post-show socializing. Yet plans to throw outdoor concerts and festivals in the plaza, dubbed Mission Outdoors, didn’t come to fruition in the venue’s first year. The Mission Indoors is back on July 30.

How big is the bluebird Theatre?

500-person capacity
500-person capacity offers an intimate event venue with a vintage, historic vibe. Built in 1913, the classic Bluebird Theater was originally a vaudeville theater, turned movie theater in the 1960’s.