Where can I find recent M&A transactions?

Where can I find recent M&A transactions?

We, at DealRoom, specialize in M&A and in this article we will give you a list of the top 10 M&A news sites that you can use to check out the latest M&A transactions….

  • Reuters.com.
  • SeekingAlpha.com.
  • Pitchbook.com.
  • CNBC.
  • NYTimes.com.
  • TheMiddleMarket.com.
  • Genengnews.com.
  • FT.com.

What is M&A deal cycle?

The phrase mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to the consolidation of multiple business entities and assets through a series of financial transactions. The merger and acquisition process includes all the steps involved in merging or acquiring a company, from start to finish.

How do you structure an M&A deal?

The three traditional ways of structuring an M&A deal are asset acquisition, stock purchase, and mergers….The methods can also be combined to achieve a more flexible deal structure.

  1. Asset Acquisition. In an asset acquisition, the buyer purchases the assets of the selling company.
  2. Stock Purchase.
  3. Merger.

What are the four phases of M&A and what happens at each phase?

Often businesses work with M&A consultants or technology partners with experience in the M&A process to ensure success. The merger & acquisition process is very complex, yet can be broken down into four phases: due diligence, agreement, integration, and value attainment.

How do I find a merger information?

We suggest using Mergent Online and Nexis Uni to search for a company by name of ticker symbol and then access their history/mergers or acquisitions. Additionally, Statista provides information on mergers and acquisitions within certain industries.

Where can I find M&A deal details?

Individual Deals Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Financial) is the premier source for information on individual M&A deals. Their data can be accessed through Refinitiv Workspace and Wharton Research Data Services. The database has details on all announced deals, whether completed or uncompleted.

What are the various steps in the M&A process?

Set the M&A search criteria – Determining the key criteria for identifying potential target companies (e.g., profit margins, geographic location, or customer base) Search for potential acquisition targets – The acquirer uses their identified search criteria to look for and then evaluate potential target companies.

What is distressed M&A?

The term ‘distressed M&A’ is a broad church with the common theme of the seller, or the business being sold, being in financial distress. Timing, deliverability and structuring are therefore critical.

Are mergers public record?

Conclusion. The successful completion of every merger requires a number of public records filings. The failure to make these filings can have serious, negative consequences.

Where can I find merger and acquisition data?

Mergers & Acquisition data can be found as part of their Transactions data. They track all publicly announced mergers, acquisitions, private placements, public offerings, shelf registrations, equity buybacks and bankruptcies.

How do I find a merger document?

Use the database Audit Analytics to find SEC merger filings. Search for the company by ticker and from the company profile page scroll down to “Transactions” for links to deal filings.