Who is Jason in the O.J. Simpson?

Who is Jason in the O.J. Simpson?

Jason Simpson was born in 1970, O.J.’s first son and second child from his first marriage to Marguerite L. Whitley. Jason was just 7 years old when his father started dating Nicole Brown while still married to Jason’s mother.

Who is the mother of Jason Simpson?

Marguerite WhitleyJason Simpson / Mother

How old is Jason Simpson now?

52 years (April 21, 1970)Jason Simpson / Age

What happened to Jason Simpson?

WHNT/WHDF News 19’s Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson is leaving the station. His last day at the station will be October 1. Simpson is moving out of the TV industry, and accepted a position with Dynetics Inc, in Huntsville as an analyst.

What does Jason Simpson do for a living?

ChefJason Simpson / ProfessionA chef is a trained professional cook and tradesman who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation, often focusing on a particular cuisine. The word “chef” is derived from the term chef de cuisine, the director or head of a kitchen. Wikipedia

Why is Jason leaving?

The decision comes down to making family a priority. The new position allows for new growth professionally, and it gives alignment with my family that we’ve never had before. I am so looking forward to being home in the evenings when my wife Lacey and my children Walt, Shelby, Brody are home.” Jason said today.

Who is new chief meteorologist at Whnt?

Jason Simpson is WHNT News 19’s Chief Meteorologist.

What is OJ Simpson’s son Jason doing now?

As Heightline reported, Jason is living a very low profile and he has been out of the public spotlight for some time now. Heightline wrote that he may be living in Atlanta and he may still be working in the restaurant business.

Where is Jason Simpson a chef?

Jason is living and working in Atlanta, GA, close to his Aunt Shirley. He tried to find his own place in the world in the aftermath of his father’s crimes, and ultimately channeled his energies into his culinary career; he has worked for the last two years as a chef in the Atlanta restaurant, St. Cecilia.