Does the SureFire Warcomp reduce recoil?

Does the SureFire Warcomp reduce recoil?

The SureFire Warcomp is our favorite 50/50 hybrid-style muzzle brake flash hider. An excellent combination of recoil mitigation and flash suppression.

Does Warcomp SureFire work?

“The only one I’ve seen so far that really works and does both [reduce muzzle flash and felt recoil] is the WARCOMP from Surefire,” Lamb said in an interview with ARBuildJunkie. “It’s a great piece of kit because it actually works as a very good flash hider, but it also works as a muzzle brake.”

Can you reuse SureFire shims?

DO NOT reuse the shims, spacers or washers removed from host weapon.

What muzzle device does Socom use?

SOCOM Muzzle Brake SFMB Muzzle Brake Suppressor Adapter.

How much does the surefire Warcomp reduce recoil?

Surefire WARCOMP The Surefire WARCOMP Flash Hider reduces recoil by 35.91%. The recoil reduction is pretty decent, considering this is a dedicated flash hider that happens to offer recoil reduction.

Can you put a suppressor on a surefire Warcomp?

A compensated flash hider for use with SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach silencers. The revolutionary SureFire WARCOMP flash hider is the world’s most shootable flash hider….SKU.

Manufacturer Surefire
Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Can you use shims and a crush washer?

The last down side is that most shims are company specific, and cannot be used with other muzzle devices. Yet, most muzzle devices will take the standard crush washer.

Is the SureFire warden worth it?

Works as advertized, looks great, easy cleaning. Shock wave at indoor and outdoor ranges is truly mitigated for both the shooter and others on line. This blast diffuser really works as claimed. It’s not cheap, but is worth every penny.

What muzzle devices work with SureFire suppressors?

Warden Direct-Thread Muzzle Device. Direct-Thread Blast Regulator.

  • Warden Muzzle Device. Fast-Attach® Blast Regulator.
  • WARCOMP Flash Hider.
  • WARCOMP-556-CTN-1/2-28 Closed-Tine Flash Hider.
  • SOCOM Muzzle Brake.
  • SOCOM 3-Prong Flash Hider.
  • SFCT-556-1/2-28 Closed-Tine Flash Hider.
  • SOCOM 4-Prong Flash Hider.
  • What suppressors are compatible with SureFire?

    SOCOM556 RC2 Suppressor. SOCOM 2 Series Fast-Attach® Sound Suppressor (Silencer)

  • SOCOM556 MINI2 Suppressor. SOCOM 2 Series Fast-Attach® Sound Suppressor (Silencer)
  • SOCOM556 SB2 Suppressor.
  • SOCOM300-SPS Suppressor.
  • SOCOM762 RC2 Suppressor.
  • SOCOM762 MINI2 Suppressor.
  • SOCOM338 Ti Suppressor.
  • SF® Ryder 9-MP5 Suppressor.
  • Should I use crush washer or shims?

    Now, for me, I prefer the crush washer, as it is very simple install and takes less time than the shims. Simply slide the crush washer on, thread on the device until it is too tough to twist by hand, then turn the device with a wrench until it is timed properly, simple as that.

    Which is better compensator or barrel extender?

    A barrel extender is the best choice for over-long-range combat.