How fast is traxxas blast boat?

How fast is traxxas blast boat?

50+ MPH
Blast delivers Traxxas speed, fun, and quality with a feature list you might not expect from such an affordable boat. The new orange and green paint schemes are bound to make some waves on the water. Step Up to 50+ MPH Speed and Performance with Spartan and DCB-M41!

How can I make my Traxxas Blast faster?

A simple way to make the boat faster,is using a seven cell batterypack… You may want to add watercooling to the esc and motor, as the extra cell will generate more heat. Changing from the stock battery to a seven cell GP3300 pack, makes cooling imperative, as the longer runtime produces even more heat.

Does the Traxxas blast have reverse?

I was surprised at first to learn that the Blast has no reverse throttle, but later read online that this is all just as well because going in reverse (especially too fast) could cause the Blast to become flooded.

How big is the Traxxas blast?

Additional information

Weight 4.93 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 8 × 6.4 in

Can the Traxxas blast go in salt water?

Can I run my Traxxas Boat in salt water? Your Traxxas boat will operate normally in salt water, but Traxxas strongly recommends against it because salt water is extremely corrosive. Damage from corrosion is not covered by your model’s warranty.

What’s the fastest remote control boat in the world?

Ford F-150 Lightning: Everything You Need to Know

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  • World’s Fastest RC Boat Hits 206 MPH on the Water.

How fast is Traxxas Spartan?

The Traxxas Spartan is the perfect boat to add excitement to your summer adventures. Radical 50+mph speed and Traxxas Stability Management™ combine to create the ultimate wild water thrill ride.

Can the Traxxas blast go in saltwater?

Is the Traxxas blast waterproof?

The waterproof Nautica™ electronic speed control (ESC) provides smooth, fully proportional control for precise dockside maneuvers. The sealed waterproof design keeps the ESC dry run-after-run.

Can you run Lipo in traxxas blast?

You will be fine with a 2 cell and you won’t have any issues running it just make sure you put a voltage alarm on it so you don’t kill it by running it too low. Good Luck with it! Monitor your motor temperature, a lipo will give you a long and consistent run increasing temperatures.

How fast can a Traxxas Spartan go?

The 50+MPH Spartan means business with its super-rigid, 36-inch deep-V hull, and smooth, cable-drive efficiency.

How fast does the Miss Geico RC boat go?

Speed is the name of the game in the world of high-speed RC catamarans. The Pro Boat® Miss GEICO Zelos® 36 Twin Brushless Catamaran is one of the fastest boats on the market with out-of-the-box speeds hitting 75+MPH*.