What snacks are offered on Delta?

What snacks are offered on Delta?

A refreshed snack lineup now features wellness-focused treats like almonds and Clif Bars to give customers a boost while traveling. Other options include Goldfish crackers and Delta’s signature Biscoff cookies that will satisfy any sweet or salty craving.

Does Delta provide food?

With every meal on long-haul international flights, enjoy complimentary beer, wine and spirits. To better serve all passengers, Delta is proud to offer 11 special meals. Find gluten-free meals, vegan and vegetarian meals and meals that adhere to religious requirements.

Are Delta snacks free?

Complimentary Snacks Enjoy your favorite Delta snacks, on us, for every flight over 250 miles. Sit back, snack and feel recharged.

Is Delta serving food again?

A: We’re continuing to bring back elements of the onboard experience we know our customers have missed. Starting in March, First Class customers on select flights 900 miles or greater will again enjoy hot meals featuring local ingredients and favorite items.

Can I bring snacks on Delta?

Both non-edible and edible perishable items are allowed on board, as part of your carry-on baggage — provided there is no violation of agricultural restrictions for the destination country. Perishable items include: Fresh or frozen food, including fruits and vegetables.

Does Delta serve snacks during Covid?

All passengers are offered a complimentary snack selection (includes both savory and sweet options) Coffee, tea, and individual bottles of water are available in all cabins. Delta Comfort+ and First Class customers receive complimentary beer and wine service.

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What is in a Delta snack box?

Currently, Main Cabin flyers receive an all-in-one snack pack consisting of two individually wrapped snacks, one 8.5-ounce bottle of water and a Purell singlet. Delta Comfort+ and first-class passengers are entitled to complimentary beer and wine for flights longer than 500 miles.