Does Samba use DNS?

Does Samba use DNS?

If set to yes , a Samba WINS server will search DNS if it cannot find a name in WINS. Specifies an order of the methods used to resolve NetBIOS names. Specifies the maximum time-to-live in seconds for a requested NetBIOS names.

Can Samba replace Active Directory?

Samba 4 review: No substitute for Active Directory — yet Samba 4.0 can serve as an Active Directory Domain Controller, provide DNS services, handle Kerberos-based authentication, and administer group policy. The Samba 4.0 Domain Controller can even be managed using the native Windows Active Directory admin tools.

How does Samba integrate with Active Directory?

Integrate Samba with Active Directory (Linux & Windows)

  1. Lab Environment.
  2. Create Share using Server Manager on Windows Domain Controller. 2.1 Install File Server Resource Manager. 2.2 Create a File Share on Windows AD. 2.3 Access Windows Share on Linux client using Samba.
  3. Create Share on Linux client using Samba Winbind.

Does Samba use Kerberos?

Samba is just another service to Kerberos, so to allow Samba to authenticate users via Kerberos, simply generate a principal for the Samba server, place the service key in a keytab, and configure Samba to use it.

Does SMB need DNS?

If you want PC clients to access the SMB server by using DNS, then you must ensure that the host name and IP address are added to the DNS database. Using DNS is generally the easiest way for clients to access the SMB server on a distributed network.

What is NetBIOS name in Samba?

The NetBios name is the name that a Samba server is known and advertised as. When Samba is installed on an OES server, Novell appends “-W” to the DNS hostname for this entry. This is necessary to prevent a conflict with the name of an NCP server on Linux, which uses the hostname.

What is the alternative to Active Directory?

JumpCloud is a Better Alternative to Active Directory Users enjoy seamless access to their system (Windows, Mac, and Linux), local and remote servers (AWS, GCP etc.), LDAP and SAML based applications, physical and virtual file storage, and VPN and WiFi networks via RADIUS.

What is SMB domain?

A variable length structure that uniquely identifies a user or group both within the local domain and across all possible Windows domains. Server Message Block (SMB) A protocol that enables clients to access files and to request services of a server on the network. share.

Does SMB use Kerberos or NTLM?

Kerberos is the default authentication mechanism for SMB access, while NTLMv2 is supported as a failover authentication scenario, as in Windows SMB servers.