What is the game in Pretty Little Liars?

What is the game in Pretty Little Liars?

Liar’s Lament
Liar’s Lament is a board game created by Alex Drake (Uber A) and given to Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Alison DiLaurentis in “Playtime”. The board game features the town of Rosewood and has never before seen passage ways and areas that the Liars must go to.

What is Pretty Little Liars based off?

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama mystery thriller television series developed by I. Marlene King. The series, loosely based on the novel series of the same name written by Sara Shepard, follows the lives of five best friends whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader Alison.

Who is a in Pretty Little Liars series?

In the television series, the first and original “A” was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal. Mona later builds “The A-Team” with the help of the second “Big A,” Charlotte DiLaurentis. The series concluded with the third and final “Uber A” being revealed as Alex Drake, the twin sister of Spencer Hastings.

Where was pll filmed?

The hit television series Pretty Little Liars is set in the fictional city of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. However, outside of the pilot (which was shot in Vancouver), filming takes place almost entirely at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank.

Who started the game in PLL?

Big A is the person who stole the game from Mona and played it from Season 3 to Season 6. In “Game Over, Charles”, CeCe Drake was revealed to be “Big A” using her birth name, Charles DiLaurentis. After being discovered and a failed suicide attempt, she declares “game over”.

What episode is the board game PLL?

Playtime (Pretty Little Liars)

Pretty Little Liars episode
Episode no. Season 7 Episode 11
Directed by Chad Lowe
Written by Allyson N. Nelson & Joseph Dougherty

How old was Aria in the first episode of PLL?

Lucy Hale played 16-year-old Aria Montgomery when she was 20. The character of creative and fashionable teen Aria Montgomery was first brought to life by Lucy Hale when the actress was about a week shy of her 21st birthday.

Is Rosewood a real place?

Rosewood is a fictional town in Pennsylvania that serves as the main setting for the Pretty Little Liars book series and television adaptation. The town is suggested to be loosely based on real-life Rosemont, Pennsylvania.

Why is Toby A PLL?

Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) Toby isn’t a top “A” like Mona. Instead he was a member of the “A Team,” as revealed in season 3, and helped Mona with her devious plans. Toby claims he only joined “A” as a way to keep Spencer safe.