How much is a water bill in Louisiana?

How much is a water bill in Louisiana?

Water Prices by State 2022

State Avg. Total Utilities Water
Louisiana $273 $33
Vermont $271 $18
Oklahoma $268 $33
Montana $265 $34

How much is Lake Charles water?

See Minimum Charges Table

1″ $145 $50
1-1/2″ $250 $100
2″ $655 $160
3″ $4,270 $320

What is the average water bill in Baton Rouge?

▼ The minimum charge for the first 400 cubic feet of average water consumption is $24.50. Also, there is a charge of $4.43 for each additional 100 cubic feet of average water consumption. Based on the average consumption of 11.5 CCF, the Sewer User Fee is $57.73 (based on 2021 rates).

Which utilities are most expensive?

As we said earlier, Hawaii’s average electricity bill is the highest in the nation. On average, homeowners in Hawaii pay $168.21 per month for electricity. The only state that comes close is Connecticut at $150.71.

How much is the average electric bill in Louisiana?

Average electricity bills in all 50 states

State March rate (cents/kWh) Avg. bill
Kentucky 11.98 $128.55
Louisiana 11.05 $132.71
Maine 23.03 $131.27
Maryland 14.16 $135.51

How much is the deposit for water in New Orleans?

Deposits are payable within 21 days of the time an application is made to have water turned on or connected….Deposits.

Meter Code Size (Inches) Deposit Amount
C 1″ $ 125.00
D 1 1/2″ $ 300.00
E 2″ $ 550.00
F 3″ $ 550.00

How much are utilities in Louisiana?

Louisiana cost of living is 86.9

COST OF LIVING Louisiana United States
Median Home Cost $189,200 $291,700
Utilities 89.9 100
Transportation 108.2 100
Miscellaneous 95.6 100

Which state has the highest utility bill?

Highest: Hawaii The Aloha State has the highest average energy cost in the country—a whopping 33.53 cents per kWh. Almost two-thirds of Hawaii’s electricity is generated from petroleum that has to be shipped to the islands.

Is gas or water more expensive?

As economist Mark Perry wrote last year for the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, and we’ve explored as well, gasoline is actually much cheaper than nearly every other fluid — including milk, soda and sparkling water.