How old was Ginuwine When Pony came out?

How old was Ginuwine When Pony came out?

Washington D.C. artist Ginuwine (real name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin) was only 26 years old when he became a singing sensation after his debut album Ginuwine The Bachelor was released in 1996 and featured the singles “Tell Me Do You Wanna,” “When Doves Cry” and of course the chart-topping sexy song “Pony.”

What year did Pony by Ginuwine come out?

1996Pony / Released

Who covered Pony by Ginuwine?


Title Performer Info
Pony Abbe May
Pony The Filharmonic Mash-up A cappella
Pony William Singe
Pony Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Ariana Savalas Unusual cover song

What BPM is Pony Ginuwine?

Pony is a very happy song by Ginuwine with a tempo of 142 BPM. It can also be used half-time at 71 BPM or double-time at 284 BPM. The track runs 4 minutes and 12 seconds long with a G♯/A♭ key and a minor mode.

What movie is pony by Ginuwine in?

Magic Mike
The song experienced a resurgence in popularity after being featured in the 2012 film Magic Mike, and its 2015 sequel Magic Mike XXL.

Are ponies real?

A pony is a small horse measuring less than 4 feet tall. While they look like mini versions of regular horses, ponies have a different temperament and sturdier builds than most full-size horses. Both horses and ponies are of the same species (Equus caballus) and come from the exact same family tree.

What key is pony Ginuwine?

C♯ Minor
Pony is written in the key of C♯ Minor.

What key is a real pony?

Pony is written in the key of C♯.

Who wrote Pony song?

Static MajorTimbaland

What is Ginuwine name?

Elgin Baylor LumpkinGinuwine / Full name