What are some major historical events in Australia?

What are some major historical events in Australia?

Earlier. Australian megafauna becomes extinct. Australian megafauna becomes extinct.

  • 1600. Janszoon maps northern Australian coast.
  • 1700. Trade with the Makasar.
  • 1800. Castle Hill Rebellion.
  • 1810. Founding of Bathurst.
  • 1820. First Bigge report published.
  • 1830. The Black Line.
  • 1840. New Zealand becomes a separate colony.
  • What significant event happened in Australia?

    20th century

    Year Date Event
    1910 Andrew Fisher forms the first federal majority Labor government.
    29 April Andrew Fisher become Prime Minister.
    1911 The Royal Australian Navy is founded
    The Northern Territory comes under Commonwealth control, being split off from South Australia

    What major events happened in 1970 in Australia?

    May 08 Vietnam war moratorium demonstrations across the country
    Jul 01 Melbourne: New airport opens at Tullamarine
    Sep 26 Melbourne: Carlton defeats Collingwood in VFL Grand Final after being 44 points down at half time. Record crowd of 121,696
    Oct 15 Melbourne: Collapse of West Gate Bridge span in Melbourne. 35 die

    What important events happened in 1901 Australia?

    “Combine Australia!” Australia became a nation on 1 January 1901 when 6 British colonies—New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania—united to form the Commonwealth of Australia. This process is known as Federation.

    What happened in August in Australia?

    August 22. 1770 – Captain James Cook claims the east coast of New Holland in the name of King George III, naming the site Possession Island. 1872 – The 3200 km Australian Overland Telegraph Line is completed. 1930 – The two spans of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are joined.

    What year was the Eureka Stockade?

    December 3, 1854Eureka Rebellion / Start date

    On 30 November 1854 miners from the Victorian town of Ballarat, disgruntled with the way the colonial government had been administering the goldfields, swore allegiance to the Southern Cross flag at Bakery Hill and built a stockade at the nearby Eureka diggings.

    What is the most historical event in Australia?

    Australian history timeline

    • 50,000BC. Aboriginal people arrive on the Australian continent.
    • 1642. Abel Tasman discovers Tasmania and New Zealand.
    • 1770. Captain James Cook explores the east coast of Australia, which he calls New South Wales.
    • 1788. Britain establishes a penal colony in Sydney Cove.
    • 1808.
    • 1851.
    • 1854.
    • 1895.

    What events happened in 1972 in Australia?

    30 August – Three people are killed in the 1972 Taroom explosion when a burning truck loaded with ammonium nitrate explodes near Taroom, Queensland. 6 October – Faraday School kidnapping – six pupils and their teacher are kidnapped for $1 million ransom in Victoria. 15 November – First aircraft hijacking in Australia.

    Is the Eureka Flag still used today?

    The Eureka Stockade flag has become a symbol of the larrikin Australian who will ‘fight to defend our rights and liberties’. Today the flag is flown by some unions and it has been used as a symbol of the republican movement and the birth of Australian democracy.

    What happened on the 3rd of December 1854?

    Eureka Stockade, rebellion (December 3, 1854) in which gold prospectors in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia—who sought various reforms, notably the abolition of mining licenses—clashed with government forces. It was named for the rebels’ hastily constructed fortification in the Eureka goldfield.