What is the purpose of a salamander heater?

What is the purpose of a salamander heater?

A salamander heater is a high-output forced-air or convection heater. Salamander heaters are most commonly used to heat air in large, open areas such as patios, construction sites, or workshops. A salamander heater is a high-energy, fan-forced heater that runs on kerosene, diesel, or electricity.

What is a salamander in construction?

Known as “salamanders” or “torpedo furnaces,” the kerosene or propane heaters are often used inside of buildings under construction to help adhesives dry and keep crews warm.

Do they sell electric salamanders?

Portable Electric Salamander Heater: 15kW Watt Output, 51,180 BtuH Heating Capacity, 240V AC.

Do salamander heaters produce carbon monoxide?

Be very careful when you place a salamander in a confined place. Some of these heaters use up oxygen quickly and generate carbon monoxide vapors. There should always be a source of fresh air when fuel-air heaters are used.

Can you run a salamander heater indoors?

Office spaces – Not all office buildings have central heating. This is where an electric salamander heater comes in handy. But keep in mind that an indoor area should have adequate ventilation before you choose to use a salamander heater.

Why is a kitchen broiler called a salamander?

The iron salamander used for cooking actual derives its name from an earlier tradition of calling any superheated iron tool a salamander.

Does diesel or kerosene burn cleaner?

Kerosene is usually less expensive than diesel as well, due to the road taxes added to the price of diesel fuel. Although diesel fuel has higher BTU’s than kerosene, kerosene burns cleaner.

How much does a salamander heater cost?

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Do salamander heaters use a lot of electricity?

The downside of using electric salamander heaters is that they’re more costly to operate because of their energy consumption. So it’s best to get an electric salamander heater that’s highly energy-efficient.

How hot do salamander heaters get?

The Salamander’s power comes from two independently controlled 11,000 BTU infrared broilers that deliver ideal, easy-to-adjust heat, from gentle broiling to 1850°F of intense searing heat across the 215 square inches of cooking space.

What can you cook in a salamander broiler?

With its focused heat and top-down broiling action, a salamander is ideal for broiling meats and raising the temperatures of rare cuts. They can also be used to add a top layer of brown to casseroles and other dishes or as a rotisserie to cook roasts or poultry on a spit.