Who played Ma Boswell in Bread?

Who played Ma Boswell in Bread?

BREAD star Jean Boht, who famously played Nellie ‘Ma’ Boswell on the show, was seen on a rare public outing yesterday as she took her dog for a walk in a pram.

Who is Jean Bohts husband?

Carl Davism. 1970
William P. Bohtm.?–1970
Jean Boht/Husband

Who was the tart in Bread?

Lilo Lill
But she was best known for playing “tart” Lilo Lill, mistress of Freddie Boswell, in Bread, the TV comedy that centred around the working class Boswell family in Liverpool, which ran from 1986 to 1991.

What was the dog called in Bread?

His real name was Jimmy, but he changed his name to Adrian which he considered “less common”.

Who was Lilo Lil?

Actress Eileen Pollock
Actress Eileen Pollock, best known for playing Lilo Lil in 1980s TV sitcom Bread, has died at the age of 73. Pollock, from Belfast, played Freddie Boswell’s brassy mistress in the hit comedy about a large Liverpool family.

Who played Nellie Boswell?

Jean BohtNellie Boswell / Played by

Who is Carl Davis married to?

Jean BohtCarl Davis / Spouse (m. 1970)

How old is Jean BOHT?

90 years (March 6, 1932)Jean Boht / Age

What happened to Freddie Boswell in Bread?

The actor who played Scouse rogue Freddie Boswell in the hit sitcom Bread has died. Ronald Forfar, who spent his last years in Rochester and was a familiar figure in the town, passed away at the age of 81.

Is Eileen Pollock dead?

December 19, 2020Eileen Pollock / Date of death

Why is Lilo Lil called that?

“While Freddie Boswell had two women, and his wife – who I call Fluffy Knickers – had a man friend, Lillian O’Leary remained a one-man woman. So, who among the three of them was the tart?” she asked the Northern Echo in 2004. She also said it was wonderful to still be recognised as Lilo Lil, years after the show ended.

Who played Connie Bread?

Katy Carmichael
Key cast & crew credits

Jean Boht Nellie Boswell
Joanna Phillips-Lane Roxy (Series 3-7)
Deborah Grant Leonora Campbell (Series 6-7)
Sharon Byatt Irenee (Series 6-7)
Katy Carmichael Connie (Series 7)