Can you sneak attack with a 2 handed weapon?

Can you sneak attack with a 2 handed weapon?

Yes, there are no restrictions on weapon choice at all. Just keep in mind that sneak attack damage isn’t multiplied on a crit, so it’s better the more attacks per turn you have, as with two-weapon fighting. If you’re interested in a two-hander with sneak attack, also consider trying a Rowdy.

Are stealth builds good in Skyrim?

Stealth builds are very popular in Skyrim, both because they’re fun to use and have high damage potential. You can combine any weapon type or school of magic with stealth; however, daggers and bows go hand-in-hand with stealth characters because of how they function.

Is a two-handed build good in Skyrim?

The Orc has the best Heavy Armor skill in the game and the second-best Two-Handed skill, making them the easy choice for this build. Additionally, their racial ability gives them double physical damage and reduces incoming damage by 50% for one minute, both of which are extremely useful to a two-handed warrior.

What is the best way to stealth Archer in Skyrim?

For perks, players should prioritize Stealth, then get Backstab in order to access Deadly Aim for its triple damage on sneak attacks. This is the stealth archer’s bread and butter, and it stacks with Berserker Rage to give an incredible 600% damage.

Can you sneak attack with a siege weapon?

Sneaky Siege Weapons may work The DMG (p. 255) requires Ranged Weapon Attack, which may qualify it as a ranged weapon for both Archery and Sneak Attack* (see final section on Weapon Classification).

What race is best for stealth in Skyrim?

The Argonian race is an average choice for stealth archer builds in Skyrim, due to their natural proficiency in all things stealthy. While Argonians don’t begin with stat bonuses in Archery, true enough, they still get a nice advantage in Light Armor, Lockpicking, Sneak and Pickpocket.

Is archery stealth or combat Skyrim?

† Despite Archery falling under The Warrior skill set, it is counted as a stealth skill in this instance only.

What is the most fun build in Skyrim?

9 Powerful and Fun Skyrim Builds

  • The Bound Warrior.
  • The Magical Tank.
  • The Paladin.
  • The Craftsman.
  • The Staggerer.
  • The Idiot Wizard.
  • The Pure Scholar.
  • The Pacifist.

What race is best for sneak Archer Skyrim?

Is archery in Skyrim a stealth skill?

Can you sneak attack with a ballista?

So, despite it makes a “Ranged Weapon Attack”, a ballista is NOT a ranged weapon, hence, isn’t eligible for Sneak Attack.