What does the idiom everything except the sink?

What does the idiom everything except the sink?

Meaning of Idiom ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’ Everything but the kitchen sink means almost everything, whether appropriate or not; everything imaginable.

What does the phrase kitchen sink mean?

Definition of kitchen-sink 1 : being or made up of a hodgepodge of disparate elements or ingredients. 2 chiefly British : portraying or emphasizing the squalid aspects of modern life the kitchen-sink realism of contemporary British drama — Current Biography.

What is a kitchen sink example?

Showing a lack of discriminating thought or careful planning; random; indiscriminate. A sitcom with a kitchen-sink series of subplots. The definition of a kitchen sink is the sink in the kitchen of a home or restaurant. The place where you wash your dishes is an examples of a kitchen sink.

What is the definition of put a sock in it?

Definition of put a sock in it informal. —used to tell someone to stop talking I wish someone would tell him to put a sock in it.

What is in everything but the kitchen sink cookies?

Thick, soft cookies loaded with everything but the kitchen sink. Add all your favorite mix-ins: chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, toffee bits, nuts, coconut, and more. Each bite is slightly different than the last making these cookies absolutely addicting.

Why do kitchens have 2 sinks?

The primary purpose of double-bowl sinks was to make dishwashing easier: one bowl for soapy water, the other bowl with clean water for rinsing. Nowadays, the double-bowl sink is rarely used for dishwashing. However, this type of kitchen sink does more than make dishwashing easier.

What is the second small sink for?

The second, smaller bowl is ideal for allowing you to continue using your tap without obstruction, should the main bowl be in use. It’s the perfect place for washing vegetables, or simply pouring a drink whilst the main bowl is full of washing up.

What does tickles your fancy mean?

Definition of tickle someone’s fancy : to interest or attract someone Do you see anything on the menu that tickles your fancy?

What does tickled to death mean?

be very pleased or happy about
Definition. Idiom: tickled to death. to be very pleased or happy about something. to be very amused.

Why is it called a kitchen sink cookie?

Why are they called Kitchen Sink Cookies? They’re called kitchen sink cookies, because they have “everything but the kitchen sink” in them! You basically raid your pantry for whatever sweet and salty goodies you have on hand, crush them up and add them to the dough to make a wildly delicious cookie!

How did kitchen sink cookies get their name?

Kitchen Sink Cookies FAQ These cookies get their name from the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” because they contain any sweet or salty ingredient you have on hand in your pantry to mix into the cookie dough before baking.

Are double sinks outdated kitchen?

Double-bowl sinks aren’t generally used that way anymore, since dishwashers took over. It’s also common to keep a rack in the second sink where washed items can air-dry; some double-bowl units come with an integrated cutting board that fits over one sink for extra work surface.

What is the second sink used for?

What does tickle me pink mean?

very happy or amused
Definition of tickled pink informal. : very happy or amused I was tickled pink to see her.

Where did tickle your pickle come from?

Senior Member. Tickle your pickle is used widely in the UK by people under 40, it came into fashion in the late nineties, introduced into popular culture in a film, although I forget which one, might be Human Traffic. It does not carry a sexual connotation, you bunch of prudes.

Where did the phrase tickled pink originate?

Delighted, as in I was tickled pink when I got his autograph, or His parents were tickled to death when he decided to marry her. The first term, first recorded in 1922, alludes to one’s face turning pink with laughter when one is being tickled.

What is a muffie Panera?

A muffie aka a muffin-top is the very best part of a muffin! More like a cake than a muffin (in my opinion), it has all the benefit of the chewy caramelized edges, and moist, fluffy insides. This low-FODMAP ‘Copycat’ Panera Chocolate Chip Muffie is super easy and so delicious.

What does everything and the kitchen sink mean?

kitchen sink. Used in expressions to describe work in which all conceivable (and some inconceivable) sources have been mined; such figures of speech might include “everything except the kitchen sink”, “everything and the kitchen sink”, and so on.

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  • What does everything except the sink mean?

    everything but the kitchen sink. Meaning. almost everything that one can think of; everything imaginable; a very large number of things, whether needed or not; much more than necessary number of things; just about everything; Example Sentences. When he moved out of the house, he took along everything but the kitchen sink.

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