What happened to the Zann Consortium?

What happened to the Zann Consortium?

The Zann Consortium fleet had been defeated for a number of years by the time Admiral Natasi Daala’s fleet emerged from the Maw Installation and initiated her series of attacks on the New Republic in 11 ABY.

Is the Zann Consortium overpowered?

Space Fleets:The Consortium space fleets aren’t terribly overpowered despite their Aggressor capitol ships. The Aggressor’s super cannon has the cooldown of a typical laser battery can can wipe out a hardpoint in one shot.

Is the Zann Consortium canon?

The Zann Consortium is a crime syndicate that first appeared in the non-canon, 2006 video game Star Wars: Empires of War: Forces of Corruption.

What happened to Tyber Zann?

Imprisoned. Tyber Zann sitting on his cot in the Kessel prison. While Zann rotted away in the spice mines of Kessel, Urai Fen waited for the time Zann had set for his escape.

How do you beat Zann Consortium?

Attack Consortium capital ships with bombers, B-Wings, or TIE Defenders. Attacking Keldabe ships with Star Destroyers or Mon Cals is suicide. Use your capital ships to kill off the Gunships. Build gauntlets of anti-infantry turrets.

What happened to ryloth?

Following the Galactic Concordance, Ryloth did not join the New Republic and instead opted to remained a sovereign and independent world from both the Populists and the Centrists political factions.

How do you get rid of corruption in Star Wars Empire at War?

Corruption is achieved through use of a Defiler or conquering a planet. Corruption can be removed only by very special Rebellion and Imperial heroes for a price, or by either army simply conquering a Consortium controlled planet.

Who are the Pikes in Star Wars?

During the Clone Wars, Lom Pyke was the leader of a syndicate of spice dealers known as the Pykes. Operating out of Oba Diah, they controlled the lucrative trade that delivered spice to the ruling crime families of the lower levels of Coruscant.

Were there Jedi on Ryloth?

Jedi Knights on Ryloth In the years before the Clone Wars, Anoon Bondara served as Jedi Watchman of Ryloth, identifying Force-sensitive Twi’leks and sending them to Coruscant for training. In 44 BBY, Jedi Master Tholme and Quinlan Vos were sent to Ryloth under orders to stop illegal animal smuggling.

Who can remove corruption in Empire at War?

Why do Pikes wear masks?

The Pykes on Kessel had to wear special breath masks and lead-lined clothing to protect themselves from the planet’s harsh climate. To deliver spice to their customers, such as crime families on Coruscant, the Pyke Syndicate relied on smugglers and freighter captains to complete the dangerous Kessel Run.