Are Zipp 303 good for gravel?

Are Zipp 303 good for gravel?

Pair that with user-friendly setup, the top quality warranty and the more affordable price and the Zipp 303 really is one of the best gravel wheels around. To see why we loved them so much read our Zipp 303 Firecrest review.

What’s the difference between Zipp 302 and 303?

“Depending on the conditions, yaw angle and rider style, a 303 wheel will be on average 2 – 3 watts faster than 302. It is the rim shape more than the dimples that makes 303 Firecrest faster than 302,” said Zipp in answer to our question.

Can Zipp 303 go tubeless?

We took a look at how we wanted to introduce it and how we wanted to do it,” said Michael Hall, Zipp’s advanced project manager. “The 303 made sense because it’s such a popular wheel and a lot of people use it for cyclocross.” Finally, Zipp has introduced a tubeless-ready carbon rim, and they’re starting with the 303.

How much does Zipp 303 weigh?


Features Weight: 640g front, 769g rear inc. tubeless valves and tape Includes: Centre lock rotor lock rings, 12mm thru’ axle caps, tubeless valves, tubeless tapes
Spokes Alloy 266mm/272mm drive side, 270mm non drive side
Tubeless compatibility Tubeless ready
Tyre type Tubeless
Wheel size 29in/700c

Is Zipp 303 S Hookless?

New Zipp 303-S aero wheels are wider, hookless, tubeless, cheaper, disc-only.

Are Zipp 303 tubeless only?

In Summary. The Zipp brand exudes performance and they have certainly packed a whole lot into the new 303 S wheelset. They are wider than most competitors and they are tubeless-only. Even though it is 2021, the tubeless debate rages, but there’s no doubt that running tubeless is so much better than tubes.

Do carbon wheels stay true longer?

This is also said in this interview with a pro bike mechanic, that says carbon wheels are faster because you can maintain your direction better (more rigid), but have overall less durable because in an accident or impact they are more likely to require substitution.

Can you run tubes in Zipp 303 Firecrest?

Inner tubes can be used, but only with tyres that have a tubeless-specific bead.

Can the Zipp 303-S be used with disc brakes?

In yet another sign of the changing times, Zipp is offering the 303-S exclusively for use with disc brakes. According to parent company SRAM, OEM sales have shifted almost entirely to disc brakes in the last couple of years, and that trend isn’t likely to reverse itself.

What size tyres will fit on a Zipp 303 gravel wheel?

Laying out the 303 as just a ‘gravel’ wheel does it a disservice though, because the new design, which incorporates a new wider hookless rim shape with a 25mm internal width, is the optimum width for 28mm road tyres, according to Zipp.

Should you buy a Zipp 303 carbon tubular bike?

If they’re super-light, they’re sometimes fragile; if they’re very aero, they’re often a handful in crosswinds; and if they’re tough, they typically ride like bricks. Zipp’s latest 303, on the other hand, manages to tick all the right boxes simultaneously, and if we had to choose one carbon tubular for all situations, this would be it.

What makes the 303 Zipp 303 so popular?

Zipp 303 is our go-to wheelset for all-roads ahead. Our most popular family of wheels was born of Zipp’s drive to conquer the Spring Classics. Zipp’s drive to develop a carbon wheelset tough enough to thrive on the cobbles resulted in innovations that made the 303 our most popular family of wheels.