Does bass drum resonant head matter?

Does bass drum resonant head matter?

Tuning the resonant head higher than the batter head will usually give you a more lively drum sound, with good projection. This is useful if you need your drum tone to cut through and be more noticeable.

What is a resonant bass drum head?

The Batter head is what you actually strike with your sticks, brushes, mallets, beater or hands. The Resonant drumhead is used on the bottom, or opposite, side of the drum from the batter head. It is called “resonant” because the air column inside the drum resonates off the bottom head, producing sustain and tone.

Do resonant heads make a difference?

When it comes to really making a difference on your drums, the most important factor when choosing a resonant skin is the thickness. The thicker the bottom head, the more resonance you get. As a result, thicker heads give more overtones.

How often should resonant heads be replaced?

They recommend always changing your drum heads before you start recording. Otherwise, if you’re just practicing and playing normally, you should find yourself replacing heads every six months or so. Six months isn’t a hard rule, and for some could be a risky amount of time to wait.

Do resonant heads need to be replaced?

Yeah they need changing. If it’s a teaching kit you could probably get away with yearly (even in heavy use). For quality sound I would change them every 6 months, especially as you change the batters monthly. If this was a heavily used gigging or studio kit I would consider changing them every 3 to 6 months.

Can you use resonant heads as batter heads?

I would strongly advise against it. The resonant head is supposed to resonate. If you have beaten your batter head to a point where it should be changed as a batter head, it really means it should be changed. It’s beyond the point of optimal resonance and thus using it as a resonant head will not produce a good sound.

How often do you need to change resonant heads?

Should Reso head be higher or lower?

Tune the resonant head higher pitch than the batter head. This gives a shorter sustain, and makes the pitch of the drum bend after each hit. Tune the resonant head lower pitch than the batter head. This gives a shorter sustain, and also makes the pitch of the drum bend after each hit.