How many hits is Lionheart FF8?

How many hits is Lionheart FF8?

seventeen times
Final Fantasy VIII Lion Heart strikes a single opponent seventeen times. After Zell’s Duel, it is the strongest Limit Break; during optimal conditions, a total of 249,975 points of damage is possible in one attack round. Lion Heart can easily do 9999 damage per hit even with average strength and no Vit 0.

How do I learn Lionheart FF8?

How to get Lionheart, Squall’s Ultimate Gunblade, very early in FF8

  1. Step 0: Keep your party’s levels below 20 until you obtain Lion Heart.
  2. Step 1: Acquire the ‘Quezacotl’ GF and learn ‘Card’ and ‘Card Mod’
  3. Step 2: Get acquainted with ‘Triple Triad’
  4. Step 3: Acquire the ‘Ifrit’ Guardian Force and ‘Ifrit’ card.

How much adamantine do you need for Lionheart?

The Minotaur card can be refined to give you 10 Adamantines, and you only need one for Lionheart.

What weapon does squall use?

the gunblade
The weapon’s debut appearance, the gunblade is the weapon of choice for Squall Leonhart and his rival, Seifer Almasy. It is a sword with a firing mechanism, such as a pistol (as with Seifer’s Hyperion), or revolver (as with Squall’s weapons), which serves as the blade’s hilt.

How do I get Diablo in FF8?

Diablos is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII. The player summons Diablos into battle by using the Magical Lamp, and fights it to acquire it as a Guardian Force. If careless, the player can lose the chance to obtain the Diablos GF by selling the Magical Lamp.

How do you get broken in FF8?

Top 5 Ways to Break Final Fantasy VIII

  1. #5. Drawing Magic from the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell.
  2. #4. Increasing Crisis Level for Multi-Hit Limit Breaks.
  3. #3. Not Leveling to keep Enemy Levels Low.
  4. #2. Refining Cards into Items that give GF Stat-Boosts.
  5. #1. Refining Cards into Items that Refine into Magic.

How do you get infinite Gil in ff8?


  1. The basics of the infinite gil trick are pretty straightforward.
  2. Buy 100 Tents from one of the shops and then use Tonberry’s “Recovery-Med RF” ability to refine them into Mega-Potions.
  3. 100 Tents will cost you 100,000 gil.