How old is the Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos?

How old is the Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos?

81 years (April 19, 1941)Roberto Carlos / Age

When did Carlos retire?

2015Roberto Carlos / Career end

How tall is Roberto Carlos?

5′ 6″Roberto Carlos / Height

How many assists does Roberto Carlos?

Per Transfermarkt, Carlos racked up an impressive 122 assists during his club career – 62 of which were for Real Madrid during the Galacticos era at the club. A compilation of Carlos’ greatest assists from his time at the Bernabeu recently went viral – and it contains some absolute corkers.

Is Roberto Carlos married now?

Maria Rita Simõesm. 1996–1999
Myrian Riosm. 1980–1989Cleonice Rossi Martinellim. 1968–1979
Roberto Carlos/Spouse

Who is Roberto Carlos?

Roberto Carlos, in full Roberto Carlos Braga, (born April 19, 1941, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espírito Santo state, Brazil), Brazilian singer-songwriter who was at the forefront of the 1960s rock-and-roll movement in Brazil and later became hugely popular as a performer of romantic ballads and boleros.

Is Carlos a Mexican name?

The name Carlos is of German and Spanish origin and means “free man.” It is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Charles.

Who is Brazil’s right back?

Squad Brazil

# player Age
6 Alex Sandro Left-Back 31
2 Danilo Right-Back 30
13 Dani Alves Right-Back 39
15 Fabinho Defensive Midfield 28

How many trophies has Cafu won?

Cafu is the most-capped Brazilian men’s player of all time with 142 appearances, including a record 20 World Cup games. He has won two World Cups in 1994 and 2002, as well as being the only player to participate in three World Cup final matches.

How many assists has Trent Alexander?

It also means he has now set up a goal against each of the current other 19 Premier League teams. Since the start of the 2018/19 season, the 23-year-old has 44 assists – more than any other player.