Is Jon Moxley better than Dean Ambrose?

Is Jon Moxley better than Dean Ambrose?

Moxley typically has better in-ring matches than Dean Ambrose. Since he left WWE, Moxley has had some unforgettable classics all over the world. These matches have allowed Moxley to showcase his tremendous wrestling ability.

Who won Moxley vs Omega?

In the main event, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega provided one of the most violent affairs you will ever see, with Moxley emerging victorious.

Who won between Jon Moxley?

Ambrose went on to win the WWE Championship once, the WWE Intercontinental Championship three times and the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship twice (both times with Rollins), which made him WWE’s 27th Triple Crown Champion and 16th Grand Slam Champion….

Jon Moxley
Trained by Cody Hawk Les Thatcher
Debut 2004

How Much Does Jon Moxley make in aw?

Jon Moxley Moxley is currently one of the biggest celebrities in the company, but also has the freedom of wrestling in the independent circuit. The superstar earns a sum of $6 million annually and is the highest-paid wrestler of AEW.

Is Dean Ambrose in WWE 2K20?

The former Dean Ambrose will not be in WWE 2K20 after leaving for the competition.

Who has Jon Moxley lost to in AEW?

1. Jon Moxley: Kenny Omega – AEW Full Gear 09 November 2019. Before Jon Moxley’s championship reign was ended by Kenny Omega, he pinned the future Belt Collector at AEW Full-Gear. The stipulation of the clash was a non-sanctioned match.

Who is AEW champion now?

The current lineal champion is CM Punk, who is in his first reign….AEW World Championship.

First champion(s) Chris Jericho
Most reigns All title holders (1)
Longest reign Kenny Omega (346 days)
Shortest reign Chris Jericho (182 days)

Who won Moxley or Danielson?

Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley beat Bryan Danielson at AEW Revolution on Sunday night, potentially paving the way for them to become a tag team. Moxley was victorious after rolling up Danielson for the three count.

Who won the match between Bryan Danielson?

Danielson won the match on August 12 and retired the Pure title as its last champion (the title would be reinstated in 2020). During a match with Colt Cabana on August 26, Danielson suffered a real injury when he separated his shoulder, tearing two tendons in it and he tore another tendon in his chest.

How much did Cody make in AEW?

$3 million
A report from The Sports Grill claimed that Rhodes was one of the highest-paid stars in AEW in 2021. The report states that he earned $3 million in the year, with only Jon Moxley earning more.