What side of St. Lucia has the best beaches?

What side of St. Lucia has the best beaches?

Voted as the best beach in Saint Lucia Marigot Bay is located southwest of St. Lucia’s capital, Castries. Often voted as the best beach in St Lucia, Marigot is itself an oasis of calm with a wide range of sophisticated accommodation, bars, restaurants and both water and land-based vacation activities.

What is the prettiest beach in St. Lucia?

The Most Beautiful Beaches in St Lucia

  • Sugar Beach.
  • Marigot Bay.
  • Grande Anse.
  • Pigeon Island National Park.
  • Reduit.
  • La Toc.
  • Anse Chastanet.

Are beaches swimmable in St. Lucia?

The beaches on the western side of the island front the tranquil turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and are favored for swimming and water sports, while the wild but beautiful eastern side churns with the more turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean, making it great for surfers and those who like the watch the waves.

Does St. Lucia have white beaches?

Visit Anse de Sables, one of the most picturesque beaches in St. Lucia, and admire its shimmering white sand that stretches over a mile long. Located just east of the village of Vieux Fort, wade in the shallow bay under the shadow of lush hills that surround this cove.

Does St. Lucia have clear blue water?

Lucia has that beautiful clear blue/turquoise water. If that’s what you are looking for I recommend Ti Kaye as the Anse Cochon cove it is located on has it and a snorkeling reef right there, too. If you go to the Rodney Bay area you won’t find that but you will find activities so if water is your #1 then go to Ti Kaye.

Where are the black sand beaches in St. Lucia?

Anse Cochon (stlucia-guide.info), a rich, black volcanic sand beach with calm waters, is on the southwestern side of the island. White sand mingles with the black sand, creating unusual wave-like patterns on the beach. This uncrowded beach is accessible by boat and provides a quiet, secluded atmosphere.

Are there sharks at St. Lucia?

Are there sharks in St. Lucia? The short answer is NO. an extremely popular tourist destination as of today.

Are there crocodiles in St. Lucia Caribbean?

It is estimated that 800 Hippos can be found in the St Lucia Estuary one of Africa’s largest and highest density of Hippos. The animals all venture out in search of grazing and are therefore nocturnal. Yes Nile Crocodiles, approximately 1200 of them can be found in and around the Estuary.

Is St Lucia cheaper than Barbados?

Barbados also tends to be more expensive than St Lucia. If you’re looking for a holiday which encompasses adventure alongside sun, sea, and sand, then St Lucia’s the better choice. It’s lush scenery and wild landscape makes it perfect for hiking, watersports and more.

Is the water clear in St Lucia?

You will find nice clear blue sea anywhere on the island. Not all of St. Lucia has that beautiful clear blue/turquoise water.

Do they have crocodiles in St Lucia?

Yes Nile Crocodiles, approximately 1200 of them can be found in and around the Estuary. One can witness these animals mostly on the banks of the Estuary basking in the sun. Crocodiles are opportunistic and remain incredibly cunning. Do Not Swim in the Estuary.

Are there crocodiles in St Lucia Caribbean?

A Nile crocodile was spotted in the waves of the beach in St Lucia, 1km from the estuary mouth. This is the third unusual incident where a wild animal has been sighted outside of its usual habitat.