What was Moby Grape first album?

What was Moby Grape first album?

Moby GrapeMoby Grape / First album

Moby Grape is the 1967 debut album by rock band Moby Grape. Coming from the San Francisco scene, their reputation quickly grew to immense proportions, leading to a bidding war and a contract with Columbia Records. The album peaked at #24 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in September 1967.

What was Moby’s first hit song?

The first single, “Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)”, reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and No. 21 in the UK. In 1993, Moby toured as the headlining act with Orbital and Aphex Twin.

When did Moby Grape come out?

All band members wrote songs and sang lead and backup vocals for their debut album, Moby Grape (1967). Mosley, Lewis, and Spence generally wrote alone, while Miller and Stevenson generally wrote together.

What genre is Moby Grape?

Country music
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Who is the lead singer of Moby Grape?

Don Stevenson (born October 15, 1941, Seattle, Washington) is the American drummer and a singer and songwriter for Moby Grape, a band which was formed in San Francisco in 1966 and continues to perform occasionally today.

What was Moby’s hit?

Moby – “Honey” Moby wrote this song in about 10 minutes, which sounds about right. This dude is one of the fastest producers on the planet, and with a wealth of vinyl and musical knowledge at his fingertips, he can write a tune as feel-good and unforgettable as “Honey” in no time.

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