What are the 2 airports in Japan?

What are the 2 airports in Japan?

The following list of airports are the 5 international airports in Japan:

  • Kansai International Airport (Osaka)
  • Narita International Airport (Chiba, nearby Tokyo)
  • Chūbu Centrair International Airport (Aichi)
  • Tokyo International Airport (Tokyo)
  • Osaka International Airport (Osaka/Hyōgo)

Which is the largest airport in Japan?

NRT Narita International Airport
The 30 biggest airports in Japan

IATA Name Airlines
NRT Narita International Airport 66
KIX Kansai International Airport 51
FUK Fukuoka Airport 34
HND Tokyo Haneda International Airport 32

What is Japan’s main airport?

Japan’s most important international airports are Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports, Osaka’s Kansai Airport and Nagoya’s Central Japan Airport. Japan’s next largest international airports are Fukuoka Airport, Sapporo’s New Chitose Airport and Naha Airport in Okinawa.

Does Nagoya have international airport?

Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya.

Which is the best airport to land in Japan?

Narita International Airport (NRT) Though it handled only 44.34 million passengers in 2019—less than half of Haneda’s traffic—Narita is Japan’s primary international airport, with dozens of airlines flying routes that connect Japan to destinations around the world.

How many airports are there in Nagoya?

two airports
Nagoya Airport may refer to one of two airports serving in Nagoya, Japan: Chūbu Centrair International Airport, also known as Chūbu Airport. Nagoya Airfield, formerly known as Nagoya Airport, also known as Komaki Airport.

Which airport is closest to Mt Fuji?

The nearest airport to Mount Fuji is Shizuoka (FSZ) Airport which is 80.6 km away. Other nearby airports include Tokyo Haneda (HND) (97.6 km), Tokyo Narita (NRT) (156.7 km), Nagoya Airfield (NKM) (164.8 km) and Chūbu Centrair (NGO) (183.1 km).

Is Japan open to travel?

Effective June 1, eligible travelers from the United States to Japan, regardless of their vaccination status, will no longer require COVID-19 testing and quarantine upon arrival. Pre-travel testing within 72 hours of departure, as described above, is still required.