What is a good Christmas Eve cocktail?

What is a good Christmas Eve cocktail?

20 Easy Christmas Cocktails

  • Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail. Your Christmas will be both holly and jolly with this tangy mix of vodka and citrus flavors.
  • Holiday Mai Tai.
  • Mulled Wine.
  • Eggnog Cocktail.
  • The Grinch Cocktail.
  • Candy Cane Cocktail.
  • Mistletoe Martini Cranberry Christmas Cocktail.
  • Holiday Sangria.

What is a good alcoholic drink for Christmas?

The Best Christmas Cocktails

  • White Christmas Margarita.
  • Spiced Cranberry Gin Punch.
  • Eggnog White Russian.
  • Champagne Punch.
  • Hot Buttered Rum.
  • Mulled Wine.
  • Cranberry Moscow Mule.
  • Very Merry Melon Grinch Green Cocktail.

What is the most popular holiday cocktail?

10 Most Popular Holiday Drinks This Year

  • Cranberry cocktail.
  • Holiday punch.
  • Hot buttered rum.
  • Apple cider mimosa.
  • Spiked hot chocolate.
  • Cider cocktails.
  • Hot chocolate bombs.
  • Red wine.

What do you serve at a Christmas party drink?

It is perfectly acceptable to ask guests to bring a bottle, but ensure you have a good selection of spirits – gin, vodka and rum are most popular – plus some soft drinks and mixers such as fruit juice, tonic, lemonade and cola.

What does England drink on Christmas?

Traditional British Christmas Drinks While champagne, wine, and beer are often drunk before, during, and after Christmas dinner in the UK, other drinks are enjoyed throughout the run-up to December 25th. Mulled wine is my favorite, and it’s a staple throughout the festive season in Britain.

What drinks to take on holiday?

Try the Poinsettia, a sparkling champagne drink, or a hot cocktail like mulled cider that makes your entire house smell like a Christmas wonderland. These holiday cocktails and mocktails will not disappoint! Want specific types of liquor? Go to Winter Gin Cocktails, Vodka Christmas Cocktails or Winter Vodka Cocktails.

What are the top 10 Christmas drinks?

11 Traditional Christmas Cocktails

  • 01 of 11. Eggnog. The Spruce Eats / Teena Agnel.
  • 02 of 11. Wassail. The Spruce / Teena Agnel.
  • 03 of 11. Hot Buttered Rum. The Spruce Eats.
  • 04 of 11. Tom and Jerry. The Spruce Eats.
  • 05 of 11. Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Punch.
  • 06 of 11. Hot Toddy.
  • 07 of 11. Mulled Wine.
  • 08 of 11. Glögg.

What should I make for Christmas dinner party?

72 Crowd-Pleasing Christmas Party Food Ideas to Serve for the Holidays

  • of 72. Bagel and Lox Board.
  • of 72. Antipasto Skewers.
  • of 72. Christmas Pizza.
  • of 72. Overnight Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls.
  • of 72. Stuffed Leg of Lamb.
  • of 72. Savory S’mores.
  • of 72. Chocolate Chestnut Christmas Roll Cake.
  • of 72.

What foods would be appropriate for a Christmas dinner party?

Christmas party food

  • Baby artichoke bruschetta.
  • Smoked salmon blinis.
  • Manhattan.
  • Smoked salmon oat blinis.
  • Samosa cigars.
  • Nam Jim king prawns.
  • Baked Camembert.
  • Crostini of smoked salmon butter & poached leeks.

What are the 12 drinks of Christmas?

The 12 drinks of Christmas – in pictures

  • Day 1: Buck’s Club. Made with cheap sparkling wine and boxed juice, Buck’s Fizz is ghastly.
  • Day 2: Negroni.
  • Day 3: Hot Buttered Rum.
  • Day 4: Whisky Mac.
  • Day 5: Hunting Flask.
  • Day 6: Golden Kiss.
  • Day 7: Atholl Brose.
  • Day 8: Irish Ristretto.

What do Brits do on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve, children around the UK hang stockings (a type of large sock) on their fireplaces so that Saint Nicholas (otherwise known as Santa Claus or Father Christmas) can fill their stockings with presents, fruit, candies or coins.

What is the second biggest drinking day of the year?

Almost every holiday has higher than average drinking amounts.

  • Mardi Gras (4.5 drinks per person)
  • New Year’s Eve (4.4)
  • Patrick’s Day (4.2)
  • Fourth of July (3.8)
  • Halloween (3.5)
  • Cinco de Mayo (3.5)
  • Memorial Day (3.3)
  • Labor Day (3.2)