What is FlowJo used for?

What is FlowJo used for?

FlowJo software is used for the analysis of flow cytometry data. You can use FlowJo to analyze all of your flow cytometry data – regardless of the cytometer used to collect your data files.

How do you analyze the Cell Cycle in FlowJo?

FlowJo provides a simple interface to performing fairly sophisticated DNA/Cell Cycle analysis. To launch the univariate cell cycle model click on the population of interest in the workspace, then select the Cell Cycle task from the Biology Band. The univariate model will appear by default as shown in Figure 1.

What is MFI FlowJo?

Mean Fluorescent Intensity (MFI) is often used to compare expression of target of interest (TOI) across samples/ cell populations in Flow cytometry. It gives reliable information about expression/ presence of TOI within the experiment.

How do you perform compensation in FlowJo?

1) To initiate creating a new compensation matrix in FlowJo, select the compensation group in the workspace and go to the Workspace ribbon. 2) Click the compensation icon in the Cytometry band of the Tools tab. 3) The compensation interface will launch.

How much does FlowJo cost?

An individual copy of FlowJo is normally $2695.00 with the academic discount; the site license brings that cost down to $285/year for each license that can be used on up to 4 different computers (one at a time) or licensed on a shared computer that multiple users can login with their own Portal account to access FlowJo …

What are the 4 stages of the Cell Cycle?

The cell cycle is a four-stage process in which the cell increases in size (gap 1, or G1, stage), copies its DNA (synthesis, or S, stage), prepares to divide (gap 2, or G2, stage), and divides (mitosis, or M, stage).

What does MFI tell you flow cytometry?

What does MFI do well? MFI was created to obtain corrected median fluorescence intensities quickly from large numbers of flow cytometry listmode data files (Sample Median Intensity Output). To the best of my knowledge, it does this more efficiently than any commercial software.

What does negative MFI mean?

Negative values mean that the equipment s not well calibrated perhaps control antibodies are not appropriate. You may eventually move the axis to the left. The answer is given by assuming that your cells have the marker you are looking for.

How do I set up compensation for flow cytometry?

How To Compensate A 4-Color Flow Cytometry Experiment Correctly

  1. 4 Steps To Compensating A 4-Color Experiment.
  2. Choose the correct carrier for compensation.
  3. Step 2: Collect the data and make sure there is a sufficient number of events.
  4. Calculate compensation correctly.
  5. Apply the compensation values and inspect the results.

How do I manually adjust compensation in FlowJo?

You can edit the compensation matrices directly from FlowJo, using the Platform-> Compensate Sample-> Edit/Save Matrix command (from the Platform -> Compensate Sample menu, you can also Remove Compensation).

How do I license my FlowJo?

Click the License button in the upper right of the Preferences window. If there is a serial number in the Serial Number field, delete it. Click the FlowJo Portal Sign In button in the upper right of License Preferences. Enter your FlowJo Portal ID and password and you are ready to begin using FlowJo.