How much sand do I need for a Hayward 18 inch sand filter?

How much sand do I need for a Hayward 18 inch sand filter?

125 Lbs
How Much Sand Does My Pool Filter Need?

Filter Model / Size Pounds Required (Sand) Filtra Balls Required (Boxes)
Hayward Pro Series
18 Inch 125 Lbs 2 1/2 Boxes
21 Inch 200 Lbs 4 Boxes
Hayward Swim Pro Series

How many hours a day should I run my sand filter?

The rule of thumb is generally 8 hours, although it could be anywhere from 6-12 hours, depending on your pool’s size. Each pool is unique, so to keep your pool pump efficient and effective, you need to figure out exactly what your pool’s turnover rate is.

Can you have too much sand in a pool filter?

Adding too much sand to your pool filter can cause the pressure in your filter tank to rise and negatively affect the performance of the sand filter. If there is too much sand in the filter, it may cause certain components to break when putting the filter back together.

How much sand do I put in my pool filter?

How Much Sand to Add to Pool Filters? Sand filters are not filled completely full of sand, but only about 2/3 full, to allow “Freeboard” space in the tank, above the sand bed.

What RPM should I run my pool pump?

If you are running your pool pump to filter and turn your water over, we recommend using the middle and lower speed settings. For example, for the first few days, you might run the pump at 2500 RPMs to see what your pool looks like. Next, you might dial it down to 1600 RPMs.

Is it better to run a pool pump at night or day?

It is best to run your pool’s pump during the day when the sun is out to reduce the risks of algae bloom and because there is generally more debris and contaminants that will enter your pool in the day.