What is a cart wash?

What is a cart wash?

The cart washer “is a high capacity mechanical washer/disinfector intended for. use in the efficient washing, low-level disinfection, and drying of utensils, carts, and other miscellaneous reusable items used in the care of patients.”

What are cart washers used for?

Hospital cart washers provide efficient cleaning, disinfecting and drying of surgical instrument case carts, containers, utensils, and other reusable items for high-capacity Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs).

What is washer disinfector machine?

A washer disinfector is used for the automated cleaning and disinfection of instruments in practices, clinics, dental offices, medical centers and hospitals. The reliable monitoring and documentation of the relevant process parameters ensures standardized and reproducible decontamination procedures.

What is a case cart system?

A case cart, in simplistic terms, can be defined. as a specially prepared cart that. Contains All the Supplies Essential for the Care and Aseptic Technique Required by the Surgical Team to perform a total procedure for a particular patient. BY PEGGY RYAN, R.N. o use case carts-or not to use case.

What are the 5 stages of a washer disinfector?


  • Flushing — removes both solid and fluid “gross” debris contamination.
  • Washing — removes any remaining debris contamination.
  • Rinsing — removes the detergent used during cleaning.
  • Thermal disinfection — heat is used for a specified time to disinfect the instruments.

What is thermal disinfection?

Thermal disinfection is a method of sanitation which relies on moist heat to kill bacteria and viruses by exposure to a specific temperature for a set amount of time.

What are the 4 decontamination stages?

The key stages of the decontamination process are:

  • pre-sterilisation cleaning.
  • disinfection.
  • inspection.
  • sterilisation.
  • storage.

How long does a washer disinfector take?

The temperature of the load is raised and held at the pre-set disinfection temperature for the required disinfection holding time, for example 80ºC for ten minutes or 90ºC for one minute.

What are the three levels of disinfection?


  • High-level (semicritical items; [except dental] will come in contact with mucous membrane or nonintact skin)
  • Intermediate-level (some semicritical items1 and noncritical items)
  • Low-level (noncritical items; will come in contact with intact skin)

What is AO value?

An A0 = 600 corresponds to 80 °C/ 10 min or 90 °C/1 min or 93 °C/30 sec, etc. An A0 = 3000 means 80 °C/50 min or 90 °C/5 min or 93 °C/2 min 30 sec, etc.

What are the 3 methods of decontamination?

Decontamination methods either (1) physically remove contaminants, (2) inactivate contaminants by chemical detoxification or disinfection/sterilization, or (3) remove contaminants by a combination of both physical and chemical means.