How do you unlock the Catalina spa panel?

How do you unlock the Catalina spa panel?

To unlock the panel, press “Time” “Jets 1” then “Cool.” Press “Warm” or “Cool” then “Time,” “Jets 1,” and “Warm” within 3 seconds to activate the lock. The TL indicator light will light when the set temperature is locked.

How do I unlock my Jacuzzi control panel?

Tap the settings button (the cog outlined in red). Tap the “>” next to “Lock”. If there is a lock engaged, the button will be orange. Click the “temp”, “spa”, or “service” button along the top of the screen to unlock.

How do you reset a Catalina spa?

One of the sensors has detected that the spa water is 110°F. DO NOT ENTER THE WATER. Remove the spa cover and allow water to cool. At 107°F, the spa should automatically reset.

What happens if hot tub is air locked?

Hot tub air lock happens when air gets trapped inside the plumbing, and the circulation pump is unable to prime. This keeps water from flowing through the water lines, preventing the pump(s), heater and jets from working normally.

What causes hot tub air lock?

Air locks occur when the water level drops too low or after a water change. Generally speaking, air gets trapped in the plumbing lines or equipment. Your hot tub has sensors that detect water flow or water line pressure.

How do I know if I have an air lock?

If an airlock occurs, you will notice some problems with the water flowing out of taps or showers. Water coming out of faucets will often sputter, even if you have fully opened the tap. In some cases, the water simply won’t flow at all, even though other plumbing fixtures appear to work perfectly fine.

What causes air lock?

The main cause of an air lock in pipes is when pockets of air are trapped by the flowing water, preventing the free flow of water. Also, cold water pipes have less pressure compared to hot water pipes; as a result, it’s mainly hot water pipes that are affected by air locks.

How do you know if your hot tub is air locked?

Signs & Symptoms of a Hot Tub Air Lock As mentioned above, the most common sign that your hot tub has an air lock is the jets not working when powered on. This can include nothing coming out of your jets when they are turned on or even a humming sound coming from the jets or pump.

Is there a reset on a hot tub?

There are generally two “hard resets” in hot tubs, the GFCI, and the high limit reset. The GFCI pops if there is any type of electrical short (such as water getting into the heating element, the reset on that can be in one of three places.

How do you reset a Catalina Spa?

Can a hot tub be locked?

Want even more protection? Use the Spa Cover Lock, a spa cover locking bar, made by Arctic Spas. Attach two heavy plates on the side of your spa cabinet, and use a padlock to secure the curved steel bar. Works with spa cover lifters to keep the spa cover pressed down on the tub, and prevent use of the spa cover lifter.

Why choose Catalina spas?

Relaxing massages and hot water therapy are the best options for the person who has experienced stresses and strains throughout the day or week. It’s no wonder that Catalina Spas are considered to be the most popular spas in the world. A full line of hot tubs to fit any dream or budget. Quality without compromise is the Catalina way.

How do I prepare the site for a spa installation?

• Before you begin, contact your local gas, electric, water and cable companies to be sure there are no underground lines in the site you have chosen. For best results, site preparation should begin with digging an area that is at least 8” wider and longer than the overall dimension of the spa.

What happens if I don’t follow the instructions for my spa?

Failure to follow these instructions may result in structural damage to the spa that is not covered under your warranty. SITE PREPARATION FOR OUTDOOR SPAS

How do I empty the water from my spa?

When the spa is empty, drain the water from the heater, each pump by loosening the plumbing unions on both sides. 4. Remove the filter cover, basket and filter from the spa.