Is Cambridge Picturehouse closing?

Is Cambridge Picturehouse closing?

“I am very sad that the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse is closing its doors. This highlights that the Government’s one-sized fits all approach is not working and more support for hardest hit sectors is vital. I don’t want to lose a city centre institution that is valued by so many.

Is Picturehouse owned by Cineworld?

Picturehouse Cinemas is a network of cinemas in the United Kingdom, operated by Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd and owned by Cineworld.

How many free tickets do you get Picturehouse?

Picturehouse standard Membership includes four free tickets; Picturehouse Membership Plus includes eight free tickets; Picturehouse Student Membership includes two free tickets.

Can I use Cineworld voucher at Picturehouse?

Picturehouse Central accepts Cineworld Unlimited cards with an uplift.

What is the biggest cinema chain in the UK?

Cineworld is the largest cinema exhibitor chain in the UK and Ireland based on box office. In 2019, the revenue of the company amounted to nearly 312 million British pounds. Second came Odeon, with a box office of about 297 million British pounds.

How old is a child at Picturehouse?

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone who is at least 18 years of age to be admitted after 7.00pm. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by someone who is at least 18 years of age at all times (regardless of film classification).

Where can I use a Cineworld gift card?

Cineworld Gift Cards can be redeemed online or in the cinema to purchase tickets, snacks or an Unlimited Card.

Can I still use my Cineworld voucher?

Once the entire balance has been used and no top up has been made within 30 days from that date, the gift card will be deactivated and will not be re-usable. Any balance unused in this 24 month period (or 5 year period in Ireland) will be cancelled and no refund will be given.