Do you have to pay to do the Great North Run?

Do you have to pay to do the Great North Run?

Great North Run Entry Fee There is a statutory entry fee of approximately £59 per entry which must be paid by both affiliated and unaffiliated participants. If you opt to enter via the general ballot, your entry fee will be charged once you have been notified that your application has been successful.

How do you participate in the Great North Run?

Places for the Great North Run are allocated via a ballot system. Runners wanting to take part in the race must fill in the application form and commit to paying the entry fee if they are successful.

How far do you run in the Great North Run?

13.1 mile
Great North Run 2022 The Great North Run is the biggest half marathon in the UK with over 57,000 runners taking part in the iconic event. Starting in Newcastle upon Tyne, the 13.1 mile course takes runners through the city centre and towards the River Tyne where thousands of people will cross the iconic Tyne Bridge.

Can anyone do the Great North Run?

Great North Run entries are open to runners aged 17+ on the day of the event.

How hilly is Great North Run?

According to the Great North Run Event Guide, the race starts at an elevation of 65 metres. Runners will mostly be heading downhill for the first 1.5 miles to the Tyne Bridge, with a few brief uphill climbs.

Can you wear headphones on the Great North Run?

Can I wear headphones and listen to music while I run? You can, yes.

How long does it take to prepare for the Great North Run?

It will likely depend on your base fitness but Marathon Handbook says that a newbie runner should be able to prepare for a half marathon in three to four months. If you already have running experience and have completed shorter races such as a 5k or 10k then three months (12 weeks) is an achievable target.

Is there a cut off time for the Great North Run?

Unless specified on the events webpage, there are no cut off times. Unfortunately we are under pressure to open roads we have closed, so we do have a race sweep vehicle. This travels at a 17-minute mile pace.

Can I still enter the Great North Run 2022?

If you don’t manage to win a spot through the ballot you can still take part in the Great North Run by running for a good cause. You can apply for a charity place by checking the website for the full list of organisations that have places in the 2022 race (opens in new tab).