Which is better X Factor or American Idol?

Which is better X Factor or American Idol?

When compared to American idol, the X-Factor reality show is considered to be more epic and louder. American Idol is a reality show that is popular in the U S whereas X Factor is popular in the United Kingdom. When American Idol is a platform for solo talents, the X Factor is a platform for both solo as well as groups.

Which show is more popular The Voice or American Idol?

Either way, The Voice ratings fell vs last Monday, while American Idol stayed even. However, while the key demo ratings were nearly identical, The Voice had 1 million more overall viewers than American Idol.

What’s the difference between American Idol and The Voice?

When contestants audition for “American Idol,” they are judged on all aspects of performance, including appearance. However, with “The Voice,” the judges have their backs to the contestants and thus, judge them based only on their voice.

Is X Factor better than The Voice?

The Voice is more artistic and endorses all kinds of music. X-Factor focuses on entertainment and is more limited to music that sells. Singers who take part in The Voice are usually deep into music as an art rather than a medium which entertains people. The latter is an element that is more overt in the X-Factor.

Who is the judges of American Idol?

Deadline reports that ABC has officially renewed Idol for its 21st overall season. In addition to this news, Luke Bryan is expected to return as a celebrity judge alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. “We expect the host(s) to come back.

Does The Voice have good ratings?

An elimination round of NBC’s musical competition series The Voice was Tuesday’s highest-rated show in primetime, scoring a 0.8 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic and 6.61 million total viewers.

Why is American Idol more successful than The Voice?

American Idol beat The Voice to the punch; Idol was the trend-setter, the mover and shaker of reality competition shows. Idol paved the way for The Voice and The X Factor, among others; meaning, it capitalized on a concept with a high likelihood for success prior to oversaturation.

What came first American Idol or The Voice?

“American Idol,” which debuted on Fox in 2002, has been around much longer than “The Voice,” which debuted on NBC in 2011. “American Idol” essentially invented the format that shows like “The X-Factor” and “America’s Got Talent” drew inspiration from.

Why do American Idol winners do better than The Voice?