Is Kerry in Emmerdale the same actress?

Is Kerry in Emmerdale the same actress?

Emmerdale star Laura Norton has been in the soap since 2012 as wayward mum Kerry Wyatt. Once a tearaway liability, Kerry has straightened up her act and become a (semi) responsible mum. But off-screen, actress Laura’s life is much more settled.

What relation is Chloe to Kerry in Emmerdale?

Related articles In recent episodes on the weeknight serial drama, it has become clear Kerry was not only the Harris’ cleaner but she had become a maternal figure for Chloe.

Why did Kerry from Emmerdale leave?

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt (played by Laura Norton) will be returning to the ITV soap next week, after leaving the village without much of an explanation last June. In reality, Laura gave birth during the height of the pandemic and took maternity leave.

Who is Chloe in Emmerdale?

star Jessie Elland
Emmerdale star Jessie Elland is best known for her role as Chloe Harris on the long running ITV soap, a role she joined in August 2021. In what may seem like a small space of time, she’s been at the centre of many of storylines including her romance with Noah, as well as her relationship with her criminal father Damon.

Is the actress who plays Tracy in Emmerdale pregnant?

Emmerdale star Amy Walsh has announced she is pregnant – and the father is a massive star from a rival soap. The ITV 1 soap actress is expecting her first child with Toby Alexander-Smith. The soap stars, who met in the audience of Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, are thrilled they are going to become parents.

Who is Chloe’s dad in Emmerdale 2021?

While Emmerdale has not yet confirmed who Chloe’s dad is, Emmerdale fans are convinced he has a link to a former character. It was revealed on Thursday (November 18) that Chloe’s criminal father is called Damon.

Why does Kerry in Emmerdale look different?

In reality, Laura gave birth during the height of the pandemic and took maternity leave. Ahead of her explosive return to the ITV soap, Laura has revealed there’s been a major change to Kerry.

How old is Paige Sandhu Emmerdale?

age 25–26
Paige Sandhu (born 1996/1997) is a British actress. Sandhu began her acting career with appearances in Doctors and Endeavour, before being cast as Meena Jutla in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale….

Paige Sandhu
Born 1996/1997 (age 25–26)
Occupation Actress
Agent Williamson & Holmes
Television Emmerdale

Are Moira and Mackenzie in Emmerdale related in real life?

Are Moira and Mack related? Though Natalie, who plays Moira, and Lawrence, share a surname, it’s just coincidence. The pair aren’t related and met for the first time when Lawrence was given the role of Mackenzie.