Is Scyon cladding good?

Is Scyon cladding good?

Not only is it resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire, but it can also be gun nailed and is easy to cut — like timber. Axon™ cladding has a 10-year product warranty when installed and maintained correctly. To add to this, its inherent stability means Scyon™ Axon™ cladding can also be painted in darker colours.

Who makes Scyon?

Secura interior flooring can be installed one side up for tiles or the other side up for vinyl without the need for a vinyl underlay. The Scyon formulation is patented and owned by James Hardie Pty Ltd. It was invented in the research and development facility at James Hardie Rosehill, NSW Australia.

What is Scyon cladding?

Scyon Cladding A technology allowing fibre cement boards, sheets and trims to be beautiful and easy to build with. The low density formulation means the Scyon product range can be 16mm thick for compelling cladding profiles and weatherboards with luxurious deep shadow lines.

What is Scyon Linea weatherboard?

The premier Australian advanced cement composite weatherboard. A 16mm thick horizontal weatherboard with deep shadow lines. It is the thickest weatherboard available. Highly durable, Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard is the weatherboard that weathers well.

Can Scyon axon be installed horizontally?

Scyon™ Axon™ cladding must be installed vertically with all sheet edges fully supported.

What is the best exterior wall cladding?

10 Best Exterior Wall Cladding Options

  • Fibre Cement Wall Cladding: Scyon.
  • Aluminium Architectural Cladding: Alumate.
  • Hardwood Fibreboard Cladding: Weathertex.
  • Vinyl Wall Cladding: Duratuff Select.
  • Prefinished Fibre Cement Panels: Barestone.
  • Natural Stone Cladding: Bellstone.
  • Metal Cladding: COLORBOND cladding.

What are the best weatherboards?

Top 5 Weatherboard Cladding Ideas

  1. Timber.
  2. Rusticated.
  3. Vinyl. Vinyl weatherboards are made from the world’s most versatile plastic, PVC.
  4. Aluminium. Aluminium weatherboards are cost efficient, light, and weather resistant.
  5. Fibre Cement. Fibre Cement is among the most expensive styles of Weatherboard.