What do BSA shoulder loops mean?

What do BSA shoulder loops mean?

Shoulder loops – those small pieces of looped broad ribbon – were introduced as part of the BSA’s khaki-tan uniforms designed by Oscar de Renta in 1973. The shoulder loops identify youth and adult members of the BSA to each other by program area or level of service.

What are the shoulder loops called?

Epaulettes are fastened to the shoulder by a shoulder strap or passenten, a small strap parallel to the shoulder seam, and the button near the collar, or by laces on the underside of the epaulette passing through holes in the shoulder of the coat. Colloquially, any shoulder straps with marks are also called epaulettes.

How do you wear the den chief cord?

The cord is worn around the left shoulder. Older Den Chief cords have a tab which is attached to the underside of the left shoulder epaulet and the cord surrounds the left shoulder. Newer Den Chief cords do not have the tab and is worn under the left shoulder epaulet and the cord surrounds the left shoulder.

What is shoulder epaulet?

Definition of epaulet : something that ornaments or protects the shoulder: such as. a : an ornamental fringed shoulder pad formerly worn as part of a military uniform. b : an ornamental strip or loop sewn across the shoulder of a dress or coat.

What color are Webelos shoulder loops?

Blue shoulder loops
Shoulder loops are worn on the epaulets of the official uniform of the selected program. Blue shoulder loops are only worn by Webelos Cub Scouts wearing khaki shirts and adult Cub Scout leaders.

Do Cub Scouts still use belt loops?

Belt loops are worn on the Cub Scout belt. Pins are awarded to scouts that continue participating in an academics or sports area and meet the specific requirements for each pin. Pins typically require completion of the corresponding belt loop requirements plus 5 or 6 more challenging requirements.

What is a Denner?

: a boy who serves as leader of a cub-scout den of the Boy Scouts of America.

Do den chiefs need Ypt?

Den Chief Training Speaking of YPT, a den chief must be trained in order to fill this leadership role. New Den Chief Training became available in the spring of 2018, focusing on the den chief responsibilities and teaching them how to have fun fulfilling them.

What is the difference between epaulet and epaulette?

The epaulet gets its name from what it covers – the shoulder. It comes from the French word “épaulette,” the diminutive of “épaule,” meaning shoulder. (Another accepted spelling of the English word – “epaulette” – mirrors the French.)

What does a webelo look like?

Unlike other Cub Scout diamond-shaped rank badges, the Webelos badge is an oval, similar to Scouts BSA rank badges. Webelos also wear tan uniforms instead of the blue ones that younger Cubs wear. But all Cub Scouts must earn the Bobcat badge before earning any other rank.

How many belt loops are there in Cub Scouts?

three belt loop
Belt loops are awarded to scouts completing the three belt loop requirements in an academic subject or sport. Academic belt loops are gold, and Sports belt loops are silver, except for the Archery and BB-gun Shooting belt loops, which are brass colored. Belt loops are worn on the Cub Scout belt.

Do lion Cub Scouts get belt loops?

These stickers are designed to be placed on the “My Lion Trail” page in their adventure book. The Lion will also receive an adventure belt loop, just like the older members of the pack. They can begin wearing a Cub Scout belt to proudly display these earned awards.

How do you wear Cub Scout belt loops?

Cub Scouts wear belt loops on their blue Scout belt. Because they won’t fit on the khaki belt, Webelos Scouts who wear the khaki uniform may wear the blue belt. Pins are displayed on the Cub Scout Academics and Sports letter, which may be worn on a patch vest or civilian jacket.

What is the difference between Webelos and Arrow of Light?

The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light, preparing a Webelos Scout to become a member of Scouts BSA. Scouts must complete four required adventures and three elective adventures to earn the Arrow of Light rank.

What is a lion Cub Scout?

Lion Scouts is a fun introduction to the Scouting program for kindergarten-age boys and girls eager to get going! Lions do adventures with their adult partners and other Lions every month. This program introduces youth and their families to Scouting and the outdoors as it builds a foundation of character.

What is the correct shoulder loop for a Scouter?

Has this changed? The pre centennial uniform inspection sheet stated: “A Scouter should wear the color shoulder loop of the position in which he is functioning.”

Are red shoulder loops still allowed on Scouts BSA uniforms?

Red is out; green is where it’s at in Scouts BSA these days. Red shoulder loops, while still authorized for wear, have been replaced by forest green loops on the Scouts BSA uniform. These loops are worn by Scouts BSA members and leaders.

What are the green loops on the Boy Scout uniform?

Boy Scouting. Forest green loops, Supply No. 64017. Red is dead; green is where it’s at in Boy Scouting these days. Red shoulder loops, while still authorized for wear, have been replaced by forest green loops on the Boy Scout uniform. These loops are worn by Boy Scouts and Boy Scout leaders.

Who can wear silver loops in Scouts?

The council Scout executive can also decide whether youth members representing the council, such as summer camp staffers or council representatives at events, may wear silver loops. The chartered organization representative should wear silver loops, according to the BSA Insignia Guide. National, regional and area