What is the antidote for Xarelto?

What is the antidote for Xarelto?

The FDA approved andexanet alfa (AndexXa) on May 3, 2018. It’s the first and only antidote to reverse bleeding in people taking apixaban (Eliquis), rivaroxaban (Xarelto), or edoxaban (Savaysa).

Does Andexxa reverse Xarelto?

Based on an interim analysis of an ongoing single-arm trial, andexanet alfa (Andexxa) can rapidly reverse the anticoagulant effect of apixaban (Eliquis), rivaroxaban (Xarelto), and (off-label) enoxaparin (Lovenox, and generics) in patients with active major bleeding.

Does Xarelto have a reversing agent?

Aandexanet alfa is indicated for patients who have been treated with rivaroxaban (Xarelto®) or apixaban (Eliquis®), and are in need of anticoagulation reversal due to life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding. Andexanet alfa is a recombinant modified human Factor Xa protein that is catalytically inactive.

How much does Andexxa cost?

Currently, most patients will require 1 dose of Andexxa, which will generally cost between $25,000 and $31,000 for the medication alone.

When do you use Andexxa?

ANDEXXA is indicated for patients treated with rivaroxaban or apixaban, when reversal of anticoagulation is needed due to life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding.

What is Andexxa made from?

The andexanet alfa contained in Andexxa® is a modified recombinant protein that blocks factor Xa inhibitors rivaroxaban and apixaban, and reverses their anticoagulant effect.

How quickly does ANDEXXA work?

How quickly does ANDEXXA work? ANDEXXA provides rapid, specific reversal for apixaban- or rivaroxaban-related life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeds in just 2 minutes following an initial bolus and sustained throughout a 2-hour IV infusion.

Does Medicare cover ANDEXXA?

Medicare coverage is available for ANDEXXA.

How fast does ANDEXXA work?

IN JUST 2 MINUTES. ANDEXXA® is the first and only FDA-approved specific reversal agent for ELIQUIS® (apixaban) or XARELTO® (rivaroxaban) related life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding.

Why is Andexxa not used?

They also had safety concerns given the in vitro effects and clinical thrombosis rates of up to 18% in early studies. FDA clinical reviewer and supervisors recommended against approval of Andexxa because they believe the “safety and efficacy data for ANDEXXA are not adequate to support approval” [3].

How quickly does Andexxa work?