How do you secure a wooden sleeper?

How do you secure a wooden sleeper?

The best way to secure sleepers is with appropriate timber screw. The type of wood you choose to work with will dictate the type of fixing that needs to be used. Softwoods can be fixed with a choice of steel or zinc screws.

What screws to use with sleepers?

Timberlok screws are an alternative to traditional coach screws and can be used in a number of timber to timber applications. One of the most popular uses for Timberlok screws is fixing timber sleepers together.

How do you fasten landscape timbers to the ground?

Secure the timber border to the ground with rebar, if desired. Drill 3/8-inch holes through the centers of the timbers, spacing the holes about 4 feet apart. Pin the timbers to the soil with 12-inch lengths of #3 (3/8-inch-diameter) rebar driven with a hand sledge.

How do you stop railway sleepers from moving?

Constructing a retaining wall out of upright railway sleepers is pretty straightforward. Simply dig a trench, lower the railway sleepers in vertically side by side, and then backfill with a dry concrete mix, that you can ram down around the railway sleepers untill the wall is rigid.

What screws to use for sleepers?

How do you screw a garden sleeper together?

With sleepers on a narrow edge, simply screw the sleepers together at the 90 degree corners, allowing at least 50mm (or 2″) of the screw to penetrate the adjoining sleeper. Two screws per corner is ideal.

What screws should I use for oak sleepers?

Stainless Steel, suited for premium lifelong installs or oak timber/sleepers, Oak will corrode any non-stainless screw or fixing.

What can I use to hold landscape timbers in place?

Rebar. Rebar is the best option for staking single or layered timbers to the ground. You can use it alone or in conjunction with landscape spikes and screws, but it does require predrilling.

How heavy is a 2.4 m sleeper?


Type Garden Landscaping Sleeper
Length 2400mm (2.4m)
Material Softwood
Finish Treated
Weight 28kg

How do I secure railway sleepers in my garden?

There are a number of ways that you can connect your garden sleepers together to create a solid and stable structure. One of the most popular options is to use steel rod pins or long landscaping screws. Alternatively, you can use metal plates and corner braces to build a strong, square finish for your garden sleepers.

How do you attach landscaping timbers?

Drill a hole into the top corner of each end of the top landscape timber. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the landscape timber spike. The spike will permanently connect the two timbers together so they do not fall off each other.

Can I lay sleepers straight on the ground?

Can you lay railway sleepers on soil? Yes you can. If you’re only creating a structure that’s one or two sleepers in height you don’t necessarily need foundations, which means you can lay your railway sleepers onto the soil.

Do treated pine sleepers shrink?

Just something to keep in mind with treated pine in general including sleepers is that in time they will shrink and warp in size. Although they are a great option for longetivety, they will shrink quite a bit.