Is Suicide Squad 2021 a reboot?

Is Suicide Squad 2021 a reboot?

Even James Gunn himself has said that The Suicide Squad is neither a sequel nor a reboot, entirely, and the movie itself seems to confirm what he meant by tying to Ayer’s movie without following it entirely faithfully.

Was The Suicide Squad a flop?

The Suicide Squad made $167 million at the box office against a production budget of $185 million, making it the least successful offering in the DC Extended Universe to date.

Does Netflix have Suicide Squad 2020?

IS THE SUICIDE SQUAD ON NETFLIX? No. The Suicide Squad is not streaming on Netflix, and likely will not be on Netflix anytime soon.

Will there be a deadshot movie?

Will Smith’s Deadshot Movie Not Happening Is Good (The DCEU Replaced Him) It has been reported that a Deadshot solo film starring Will Smith was being developed at Warner Bros., but that it has been long put on hold.

Is the joker in Suicide Squad 2?

The Joker (Jared Leto) does not make an appearance in The Suicide Squad/Suicide Squad 2, although Harley alludes to her former puddin’ during a speech to Presidente General Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto) — who she was beginning a romantic relationship with, and then kills because she felt Luna was going to be another …

Did Suicide Squad 2 make money?

Warner Bros. The Suicide Squad earned around $2.24 million (-81.4%) on its second Friday, bringing its eight-day cume to $37.37 million. That positions the $185 million, R-rated James Gunn-directed DC Films sequel for a $7.2 million (-72.5%) weekend and a mere $42.4 million ten-day cume.

Why Suicide Squad was a box office disappointment?

Those figures, while not entirely unexpected considering the ongoing pandemic, are disappointing because the studio spent a massive $185 million to produce the film, and at least $100 million more on promotional efforts, in the hopes of steering its DC property in a direction that’s both critically and commercially …

Why is Suicide Squad 2 rated R?

There’s extremely graphic violence with death, explosions, killings, many guns, torture, and monster violence.

Is Suicide Squad 2 out?

When is Suicide Squad 2 released? Suicide Squad 2 is set for release on 30 July in the UK and 6 August in the US.

Is I Am Legend 2 Canceled?

There are no reports about the cancellation of I Am Legend 2. The sequel was announced in March 2022 and it’s very early days to predict what would happen to the project in the long term. As per Deadline, Black Panther actor Michael B.