What is Deadtime Stories on?

What is Deadtime Stories on?

Broadcast. Deadtime Stories aired on Nickelodeon in the United States from October 3 to November 14, 2013. The show aired on TVOntario’s Programming block called TVOKids in Canada in 2012, and on CITV in the UK in 2013. It later aired on Disney XD in Canada.

What channel was Deadtime Stories on?

Deadtime Stories/Networks

What does deadtime mean?

Definition of dead time 1 : the short interval which is required for a counting tube to recover its sensitivity after any one discharge and during which it is incapable of further response. 2 : the time lag between a stimulus given to an instrument and the resulting response.

How can I watch Deadtime Stories?

You are able to stream Deadtime Stories by renting or purchasing on Google Play.

What is the dead time of a GM counter?

The GM counter is a halogen quenched, end window (a thin mica window) type detector. The counter is able to detect alpha, beta, and gamma radiations. According to the manufacturer of the detector, the typical deadtime of this model is 200 µs at the recommended operating voltage of 900 V.

What causes dead time?

Causes for Dead Time If a property (e.g. a concentration or temperature) is changed at one end of a pipe and the sensor is located at the other end, the change will not be detected until the material has moved down the length of the pipe. The travel time is dead time.

Why do we get plateau region in GM counter?

After the quick rise, the counting rate levels off. This range of voltages is termed the ”plateau” region. Eventually, the voltage becomes too high and we have continuous discharge. The threshold voltage is the voltage where the plateau region begins.

What is plateau in GM counter?

“The section of a Geiger Counter is characterized by the so-called plateau curve. In this curve the counting rate of a given counter is plotted as a function of voltage, when the gas which it contains and the radiation to which it is exposed are both kept the same.

What is pure deadtime?

Pure dead time processes are usually found in plug flow or solids transportation loops. Examples are paper machine and conveyor belt loops. Dead time is also called delay. A controller cannot make the process variable respond before the process dead time.

What is detector deadtime?

The dead time of a detector is defined as the minimum time interval that two consecutive counts must be separated in order to be recorded as two different events. The effect of having a dead time in a detector used to monitor counting rates is that the measured counting rates will be lower than the real ones.

Why tungsten wire is used in GM counter?

Tungsten has a high atomic number and a high density, both of which give the metal unusually good absorption cross-section. This makes the metal very sensitive to gamma rays.

What is deadtime in GM counter?

For the short amount of time the GM tube is detecting one particle, if another radioactive particle enters the tube it will not be detected. This is called dead time. The maximum dead time for our GM tube is 90 microseconds (or . 00009 seconds).