Where are Jo and Damo now?

Where are Jo and Damo now?

Damo and his stunning wife, Jo, pocketed $61,000 after the sale of their house on The Block. Five months on from the show’s live auction, the pair are living in different cities; Jo is building her interior design business in Manawatu and Damo is in Auckland learning the electrical trade.

Who won the last block NZ?

Tim Cotton and Arthur Gillies – AKA Team Blue – have won The Block NZ 2021 and pocketed a staggering $760,000 in winnings as their property sold for a record-smashing sum.

Who Win The Block NZ?

Anything can happen on The Block NZ auction night. Tim and Arty had to sit through three more auctions, knowing the other teams could still beat their huge profit to win The Block NZ and claim the extra $100,000 in prize money.

Who won the first block NZ?

Sibling team Libby and Ben Crawford won the season, selling their house for a profit of $157,000 and winning the $80,000 prize money.

Is Dan from The Block still with Dani?

The Block’s Dan Reilly and Dani Wales tie the knot. We first met Dan Rielly and Dani Wales back in 2012 as the fiery couple on The Block. Now, six years later the pair have cemented their love for one another in by getting married in a beautiful wedding in Mornington Peninsula.

What happened to Marty on The Block NZ?

Marty the Scottish builder is allowed to stay in New Zealand and his team from The Block NZ says it makes “the impossible seem plausible”. Martin Laidlaw was facing deportation following an Immigration New Zealand decision not to renew his visa.

Why did Dani from The Block go to jail?

Two original contestants, Dani and Monique Bacha, left the program in January 2004, two weeks into the second series, when it was reported that Dani had spent six months in jail in 2002 following his conviction for a drug-related offence and Moniques grandfather had sadly passed away.

Are Julia and Sasha still together?

Julie and Sasha: still together Currently living in Seattle, the pair are working in property development. They also finished renovating a new home, which they dubbed Little Willow.

What are Ben and Andy from The Block doing now?

Sunderland, a former primary school teacher who appeared on The Block in 2016 with mate Ben Toyne, now hosts a Geelong radio show and kids television game show SMASHDOWN. He and Ms Conheady have been trying to break into the Geelong market for two years but kept getting outbid at auction.