What is another word for League of Nations?

What is another word for League of Nations?

•Other relevant words: (noun) International Organisation, international organization, world organization, global organization.

What are the other words for league?

Synonyms of league

  • association,
  • board,
  • brotherhood,
  • chamber,
  • club,
  • college,
  • congress,
  • consortium,

Which words are related to the concept of nation?

Synonyms of nation

  • commonwealth,
  • country,
  • land,
  • sovereignty.
  • (also sovranty),
  • state.

What is League of Nations in simple terms?

The League of Nations was an international diplomatic group developed after World War I as a way to solve disputes between countries before they erupted into open warfare.

How do you use League of Nations in a sentence?

League-of-nations sentence example

  1. President Harding made plain in his first message that the United States would not enter the League of Nations .
  2. He strongly opposed the League of Nations .

What is the opposite of league?

Opposite of an alliance of people or groups working together. disunion. separation. division. individual.

What is a antonym for league?

ˈliːg) Unite to form a league. Antonyms. divide separate break. unite.

What are the similar terms of state and nation?


  • country,
  • land,
  • nation,
  • sovereignty.
  • (also sovranty),
  • state.
  • Are there similar terms you wrote on both state and nation?

    There is a difference between the terms nation, state, and country, even though the words are often used interchangeably. Country and State are synonymous terms that both apply to self-governing political entities. A nation, however, is a group of people who share the same culture but do not have sovereignty.

    Does League of Nations still exist?

    No, the League of Nations does not still exist. It was formally disbanded on April 19, 1946, and its powers and functions were transferred to the United Nations, which had been established on October 24, 1945.

    What were the four main aims of the League of Nations?

    The League’s goals The main aims of the organisation included disarmament, preventing war through collective security, settling disputes between countries through negotiation and diplomacy, and improving global welfare.