What is Yamba known for?

What is Yamba known for?

At the mouth of the Clarence River on the North Coast of NSW, Yamba is the coastal destination that holiday dreams are made of….´╗┐Famous for:

  • Beautiful beaches & ocean pools.
  • World-class surf breaks.
  • Prawns & fresh seafood.
  • Great restaurants, cafes & bars.

Why is Yamba so popular?

While Yamba is very popular because of it’s coastal activities and beaches, the quaint shops, surrounding villages and artistic culture do set it apart from many other coastal holiday destinations.

What is Yamba close to?

Yamba is located 674 km north of Sydney via the Pacific Highway, 19 km down river from Maclean, 29 m above sea-level, and 277 km south of Brisbane via the Pacific Motorway.

Is Yamba a nice place to live?

“Yamba is great if you like small, quiet, natural living in a pretty town with limited local facilities” Wonderful scenery – the Clarence River is a beauty, the beaches are superb, the views from most everywhere spectacular.

How far is Yamba from the Queensland border?

The road distance is 202.3 km.

Is Yamba worth visiting?

The beach town of Yamba, New South Wales, is a great holiday option for any traveler. The stunning scenery and tropical weather make it a beautiful destination, regardless of what time of year you go.

Is Yamba the next Byron Bay?

Yamba in NSW, Australia is one of the most popular holiday spots in the country. It’s located just 4 hours from Brisbane and 6 hours from Sydney, making it easily accessible for those living on the east coast wanting a quick getaway.

Does it flood in Yamba?

The main impact of floods in the area is isolation, however several residential and commercial properties can be inundated in severe floods. Even during minor floods, Yamba may become isolated when Yamba Road becomes closed due to rising river levels.

What is the population in Yamba?

The 2021 Estimated Resident Population for Yamba is 6,288, with a population density of 371.7 persons per square km.

What is the population of Yamba NSW?

At the 2016 census, Yamba had a population of 6,043, but as a popular tourist destination, it can triple its population in the holiday period….Yamba, New South Wales.

Yamba New South Wales
Population 6,043 (2016)
Established 1854
Postcode(s) 2464
Elevation 29 m (95 ft)

Why is Yamba beach closed?

Yamba Ocean Pool will remain closed until Marine Parade is repaired and Council’s Open Spaces crew can gain access to clean it. Sections of the beach are barricaded off and signposted and will remain closed until further notice due to erosion and non-friable asbestos material found in the land slippage.

What town is the next Byron Bay?

South West Rocks, New South Wales The New South Wales northern coastal town of South West Rocks, sitting on Trial Bay just an hour north of Port Macquarie and 30 minutes from Kempsey, is another of Mr Harvey’s picks to be the next Byron Bay.