Is Grazon a restricted use pesticide?

Is Grazon a restricted use pesticide?

Grazon herbicide is a restricted-use herbicide produced by Dow AgroSciences. This chemical is used to control herbaceous weeds and some woody plants, without killing desirable lawn and turf grasses.

What is the active ingredient in Grazon?

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Active Ingredient Picloram 10.2%, 2,4-D 39.6%
Chemical Type Herbicide
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Mix Rate Picloram P+D can be applied at up to 7.4 pints per acre. For more specific application rates please refer to the label.

Is Grazon toxic to humans?

Grazon Extra has low toxicity if swallowed, and small amounts swallowed incidentally as a result of normal handling are not likely to cause injury. The product may cause eye and skin irritation and allergic skin reactions in some individuals.

Can cattle graze after spraying Grazon?

There are no grazing restrictions for any type of livestock, including goats, when using GrazonNext HL Herbicide. We would suggest they not be in the area during the application and while surfaces are wet. Once the treated surfaces are completely dry then the cattle can return.

Is Grazon harmful to horses?

Answer: There are no restrictions for when you can allow animals to graze on areas treated with GrazonNext Herbicide. We would always recommend waiting for the application to dry completely before allowing animals to re-enter a treated area.

Is Grazon safe for animals?

Pets and people should be kept out of the area while GrazonNext HL Herbicide is being applied. Once application is complete and the area has been allowed to dry completely, it is safe for pets and people to return to the area.

Is Grazon safe for cattle?

Answer: Yes, GrazonNext HL Herbicide is safe for dairy cattle, and there are no restrictions of any kind on nursing dairy animals. You would use this at a rate of 2.1 pints per 1000 gallons of water with 2 pints of a non-ionic surfactant.

How long after spraying Grazon can horses graze?

Do not transfer grazing animals from areas treated with GrazonNext HL to areas where sensitive broadleaf crops occur or will be grown without first allowing the animals to graze for three days on an untreated pasture.

How soon can horses graze after Grazon?

Can horses graze after Grazon?