What is Evion 600 capsule used for?

What is Evion 600 capsule used for?

Information about Evion 600mg Capsule It is used in the treatment of muscle cramps and fatigue. Its antioxidant potential helps in the treatment of male infertility. Known to improve vigour and vitality, it acts as a great health supplement for people with coronary artery disease.

Can I take vitamin E 600 mg daily?

Dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment. Do not increase your dose or take it more often than recommended. Taking too much vitamin E may increase your risk of side effects. High doses of vitamin E (400 units or more per day) may increase the chance of rare but very serious side effects.

How do you take Evion 600 mg?

1 capsule daily or as directed by physician. If pregnant, lactating or having a medical condition, consult your physician for dose. Store in a dry place at or below 25°C. Please consult your healthcare practitioner for the Evion variant that is right for you and / or if symptoms persist.

How long we can take Evion 600?

Take the tablet for 3 months and for further continuation ask the dietician/ doctor.

Is 600 mg vitamin E too much?

Vitamin E toxicity can cause severe complications like blood thinning and may increase your risk of stroke and death from any cause. To prevent vitamin E toxicity, be sure that you don’t get more than 1,000 mg per day of vitamin E between supplements and food.

Is vitamin E 600 good for face?

It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make getting enough essential to your everyday health. Vitamin E is most commonly known for its benefits for skin health and appearance. It can be applied topically to your face to reduce inflammation and make your skin look younger.

How many IU of vitamin E should I take a day?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin E for males and females ages 14 years and older is 15 mg daily (or 22 international units, IU), including women who are pregnant. Lactating women need slightly more at 19 mg (28 IU) daily.

Can I use Evion 600 for hair?

Evion is not used for hairfall.

How many IU are in a MG?

0.67 mg
Unit Conversions

Nutrient Current DV Unit* Current Conversion*
Vitamin E IU 1 IU = 0.67 mg for d-alpha-tocopherol (natural) 1 IU = 0.9 mg for dl-alpha-tocopherol (synthetic)
Vitamin D IU 1 IU = 0.025 mcg
Folate mcg
Niacin mg

What does IU stand for?

International Unit
An IU is the amount of a substance that has a certain biological effect. For each substance there is an international agreement on the biological effect that is expected for 1 IU. Also called International Unit.

Is higher IU better in vitamin E oil?

On labels, vitamin E is often listed in “IU” or “international units.” Higher IU are best for very dry skin or to target trouble spots. Lower IU oils are good for general skin support.

What is vitamin E IU?

Some food and dietary supplement labels still list vitamin E in International Units (IUs) rather than mg. 1 IU of the natural form of vitamin E is equivalent to 0.67 mg. 1 IU of the synthetic form of vitamin E is equivalent to 0.45 mg.