Did the treehouse in Crossville TN burn down?

Did the treehouse in Crossville TN burn down?

The World’s Largest Treehouse Burned to the Ground in Less Than 15 Minutes. It took about 15 minutes for the world’s largest treehouse—a 97-foot-tall wooden structure in Crossville, Tennessee, to be reduced to a pile of ash.

What happened to the ministers tree house?

It was tragically destroyed in mere minutes. Cumberland County Fire Department confirms the famous Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville is gone after a fire broke out and quickly claimed the towering wooden structure.

What’s the biggest treehouse ever built?

The largest tree house in the world is in Crossville, Tennessee (USA). The owner, Horace Burgess claims that God personally gave him the contract to build the house. It is also known as “The Minister’s Tree House”.

What is the biggest treehouse Pete Nelson has built?

Pete heads to Louisiana to take on his BIGGEST TREEHOUSE EVER. Totaling 1200 sq ft, this record-breaking behemoth of a build will be a tree VILLAGE, featuring 3 separate levels and a 70 ft bridge connecting to a platform housed in a trio of nearby trees.

How much did Shaq O’Neal treehouse cost?

“There’s better work on this thing than on my two million dollar house out there,” he tells Pete as he is shown around this man cave in the sky complete with a custom-built poker table, fully stocked bar with moonshine-jug decanters, and an electric humidor.

Why was treehouse Masters Cancelled?

It was a collective decision, and we all felt that the time had come to feather off the gas and reflect on all the beautiful experiences we’ve shared together. Don’t worry, we’re still building treehouses—just not on television.

Who is the best treehouse builder?

Pete Nelson, the world’s premier treehouse designer/builder, takes you on a tour of the best treehouses and details his tricks of the trade so you can build your own.