What was important about the James Brown song Say it loud?

What was important about the James Brown song Say it loud?

“It was the quintessential black power song. It stood for black empowerment and self-reliance. The political climate in which he wrote the song couldn’t have been more timely. “If James Brown was the Godfather of Soul, he was also the musical expression of the black power movement.

What is James Brown’s best album?

The James Brown Albums Ranked

  1. #1 — LIVE AT THE APOLLO, VOLUME II (1968) Favorite track: “Cold Sweat”
  2. #2 — LIVE AT THE APOLLO (1963)
  3. #3 — SEX MACHINE (1970)
  4. #4 — BLACK CAESAR (1972)
  5. #5 — PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (1958)
  6. #6 — PRISONER OF LOVE (1963)
  7. #7 — OUT OF SIGHT (1964)
  8. #8 — THE AMAZING JAMES BROWN (1961)

How much are James Brown albums worth?

James Brown

Album Title Information Price
Cold Sweat Stereo Recorded on King 1020 $40.00
Directs The Popcorn Original Press Stereo Recorded on King KSD 1055 OUT OF STOCK
Excitement Recorded on Polydor PD-780 $11.00
Gravity Stereo Recorded on Scotti Brothers $11.00

What was James Brown last hit song?

Can’t Get Any Harder
Brown continued making recordings. In 1993 his album Universal James was released. It included his final Billboard charting single, “Can’t Get Any Harder”, which peaked at No. 76 on the US R&B chart and reached No. 59 on the UK chart.

Who wrote the famous song Say It Loud I’m black and I’m proud?

James Brown
Pee Wee Ellis
Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud, Part 2/Composers

How many albums did James Brown sell?

He achieved a wide international following among fans of many races and cultures. Beginning with his first significant record release of “I’ll Go Crazy” in 1960, virtually every James Brown record has been a hit, among them 74 R&B Top 20 entries, including 17 number ones and total sales of more than 50 million records.

How many albums did James Brown produce?

Seventeen of Brown’s singles, including five credited as “James Brown and the Famous Flames”, hit number-one on the R&B chart….

James Brown discography
Studio albums 59
Live albums 15
Compilation albums 49
Video albums 7

Did James Brown ever have a number one hit?

James Brown had dozens of songs make it to the Hot 100, but none ever reached No. 1. Brown is another legend who shockingly never reached the top spot on the Hot 100. He came close more than a few times with songs like “Living in America” (peaked at No.

What soul artist released a live album that spent 66 weeks on the pop album charts peaking at 2?

But even more successful than his single releases at the time, Brown released a high-energy live album titled Live at the Apollo. Recorded on October 24, 1962, the live album spent 66 weeks on the Billboard Top Pop Album chart, peaking at #2.

Who is the singer known as the King of Pop?

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who was the most popular entertainer in the world in the early and mid-1980s. Even today he is widely regarded as the “King of Pop.”